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      Who's buying weird ice cream? Ten yuan a "high cold" ice cream sell well? Ji 'nan people eat ice cream, not just a picture of "quench one's thirst" What's the reason? Rao Wei believes that, first, Shenzhen does not have the qualification to recommend products to THE State Food and Drug Administration. When organizing and submitting the rapid test products to the State Food and Drug Administration for emergency approval, the drug administration does not have the direct recommendation authority, and the new products developed by various scientific research subjects cannot enter the fast track for approval, which affects the process of obtaining the new product qualification approval in Our city. Second, it is very difficult for enterprises to organize clinical trials for the detection, treatment, vaccine and other products related to highly infectious diseases. "It is suggested that the 'pilot demonstration zone' be used to promote the establishment of sub-centers of the National Medical Products Administration's Medical Device Technology Evaluation Center and drug Evaluation Center in Shenzhen, so as to build a platform for the product r&d of medical devices and drug enterprises in Shenzhen." Rao suggests.   The 21st Session of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress deliberated on the relevant bills proposed by the State Council at the request of the chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in accordance with the law, and passed the decision on the continuation of the functions and duties of the sixth Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region by a vote Thursday. For Hong Kong because of the outbreak delayed the 7th of the legislative council election and legislative vacancy, the standing committee of the National People's Congress from the constitutional level resolved in a timely manner, to ensure that the dc power authority and social order normal operation to provide a solid guarantee, society to fight disease and revive the economy of Hong Kong has important and urgent practical significance. The central government has effectively safeguarded the constitutional and legal order of the SAR established by the Constitution and the Basic Law, which fully embodies its sincere love and responsibility for protecting Hong Kong.  

      Metropolitan area and urban agglomeration are the products of urbanization and regional cluster. Throughout the country and even the world, when the economy develops to a certain extent, factors of production such as people, capital, information and technology flow to cities, and even to the central cities within the region, forming the aggregation of factors, giving birth to new industries and subjects, and improving labor productivity. As pointed out at the fifth meeting of the Financial and Economic Commission of the CPC Central Committee on August 26, 2019. Central cities and city clusters are becoming the main spatial forms carrying development factors. , & other; Strengthen the economic and population carrying capacity of the economic development advantage regions such as central cities and city clusters. . Therefore, it is an inevitable trend to promote regional integrated development, and local governments are also actively planning for implementation. For example, not long ago, the commercial departments of Henan, Ningxia, Liaoning, Jilin, Hohhot and Nanchang signed an agreement on a strategic cooperation alliance to promote the mutual complementarity, production and marketing exchanges in food and other industries, strengthen regional cooperation and promote regional exchanges.     The municipal Central Committee and the district government plan from a high starting point, and promote the ten special actions of magic Spring city construction by benchmarking and table. The deployment arrangement covers ten special actions and 45 measures of dismantling, disassembly, reconstruction and renovation, urban design improvement and other contents. All creation departments from & LDQuo; Hard standard & throughout; And & other Soft power & throughout; On the strict self-requirements, focus on the key and difficult issues, efforts to strengthen the weak points, promote the promotion, move really hit hard pay close attention to the rectification and implementation, will create the city work to every & LDQUO; Peripheral nerves. . & other; A fast train runs by the headbands. Throughout the &; The city and the whole region have consistently transformed the spirit and spirit of Party members and officials who have emerged in the fight against the epidemic into a firm and vigorous style of work. Leading Party and government officials at all levels command and dispatch at the front, focus on finding problems and shortcomings, and form a normal pattern of front-line supervision and inspection. In the development and expansion of the original main force of the city, continue to play & LDquo; Street whistle, department report. Block linkage mechanism, calling on all levels of civilized units to & LDQUO; Double registration & throughout; The community helps to build a city, and the municipal inspection, district inspection, and the third party inspection of the public visiting group all contribute their efforts at the same time. & hellip; From units to communities, from cities to villages, from cadres to the masses, a series of vivid images created with the participation of the whole people appear in every corner of the downtown area, uniting all the forces within the area of 280 square kilometers.

      Who's buying weird ice cream? Ten yuan a "high cold" ice cream sell well? Ji 'nan people eat ice cream, not just a picture of "quench one's thirst"   Continue to promote scenic spot ticket price reduction. Continue on the basis of preliminary work, efforts to develop key state-owned scenic spot tickets cost whose or investigation and evaluation to adjust price, comprehensive consideration of regional economic development level and the scenic area scale level difference, distinguish between the different modes of operation and management of scenic spots, innovative management style price, classification ShiCe state scenic spot ticket prices return to reasonable interval, reduce the high ticket prices, the implementation of information disclosure. The reduction of scenic spot ticket prices this year should take into account the impact of THE COVID-19 epidemic, take local conditions into consideration, and adhere to the combination of near and far. It should not only promote the development of tourism, but also ensure the normal operation of scenic spots. Constantly improve the ticket price formation mechanism. In 2020, on previous price does not reach the designated position and 3 a grade and below state scenic spot as the key point, in principle, implement all the government pricing management within their respective jurisdictions scenic spot tickets cost whose or adjust the whole survey, price assessment, and according to the "guidance" requirement, establish and improve the regular evaluation adjustment mechanism, ready for a new work. In addition, since last year, jiuyang, Jianguo, Mingchuangyoupin and other retail enterprises have teamed up with spokesmen or popular IP, launched blind box products, brand marketing; Want Want Group, a leisure food and beverage company, launched 56 ethnic versions of Wangzai milk, which were sold in blind boxes. Catering brand Xiabu Xiabu launched 2,600 limited-edition blind boxes nationwide in collaboration with six characters from the movie "The Climber". & hellip; For the tide play the market, the current line is still the main sales channel. Take Bubble Mart as an example. In terms of sales channels, its products mainly reach consumers in retail stores, online channels and robot stores. As of July this year, it had 160 offline direct-sale stores and more than 1,000 robot stores. These shops are distributed in the main business circle of the first and second tier cities in China. From 2017 to 2019, online channels accounted for 9.4 percent, 20 percent and 32 percent, respectively, while offline channels always accounted for a larger proportion, according to its prospectus.

      Liang Jialin, executive director of The China Value-based Medical Research Center, said the current anti-trust investigations point to imported drugs, which shows that there is still a price gap between domestic and foreign medicines with the same curative effect and common name. & other; This gap exists for several reasons. One is likely to come from higher tax costs. In response, the State Council has lowered import tariffs and value-added taxes on cancer drugs in 2018. The second is likely to come from higher production costs. In order to solve this problem, a large number of multinational pharmaceutical companies have moved their production bases to developing countries with lower production costs after the implementation of mass procurement and substantial price reduction of some drugs. Third, it may be from the attraction of excessive profits generated by illegal monopolistic activities, which law enforcement departments need to greatly reduce. Throughout the &; He said: & other; If multinational pharmaceutical companies monopolize the price of imported drugs in China, they are not only suspected of violating the Anti-monopoly Law, but also suspected of violating the Bidding Law when participating in drug bidding and procurement. Throughout the &;   In fact, the lawsuit is a microcosm of the competition between ele. me and Meituan. On the monopoly side, Meituan has been hard to disassociate. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, catering associations in Sichuan, Chongqing, Shandong, Yunnan and other places have been open. Propaganda & throughout; Meituan, requirements to consider the difficulties of catering enterprises, commission reduction. In addition, there are also local associations that report Meituan to market regulators for raising commissions, monopolizing business and other activities. Among them, guangdong catering association not only attacked Meituan for charging high take-out commission to catering enterprises, but also pointed out that Meituan takeout accounts for as much as 60% to 90% of the market share of guangdong take-out catering, which has reached the dominant position stipulated by the anti-monopoly law of the People's Republic of China.   


      Zhang Hongcai, who is responsible for interior decoration, took 3 employees to transform waterways. He worked from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., and finally transformed the water pipes after 4 days of intensive work. Circuit modification is not easy either. There are railroad tracks near the building, and underground cables and pipelines are dense. Zhao Dong, who is responsible for the transformation of the power system, said: To protect the equipment, we had to lie on our hands and knees and check the pipes carefully when we buried the poles. Time is tight, the task is urgent, we race against time, not a complaint. Throughout the &; At the same time, with the closure of abuja, staff members went door to door with special passes to buy materials from businesses. Other project departments of the company also quickly sent much-needed supplies: The Abuja Terminal project department sent scaffolding, floor paint and cables; Kano project sent a medical screen; The operations department dug out the plumbing materials from the warehouse. & other; In order to build the disinfection room of steel structure, we tore down the original security room and finally gathered the building materials & Hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Zhang GUI, who was in charge of the new disinfection room, recalled. Second market super capacity is certain, although now the industry has entered the second half. Third, the overall price stability is also certain, of course, different stages, different places, different products, the price fluctuation is normal. Fourth is structural differentiation is certain, the regional differentiation of the market now, product differentiation, price differentiation, this comparison, but this is sure, there are some areas may market enlarge unceasingly, some areas may market shrinking, around the megalopolis, urban agglomeration of economic development, urbanization further revealed. Fifth, the competitive pattern is determined. The improvement of industry concentration requires more and more industry cooperation, which requires specialization but cannot be too specific. The first thing to note is that Zhao Qichen's class is the innovation class of the school, and even the last one in this kind of class may be real. A student with high academic performance. . In this sense, & lsquo; Poor students; Second & lsquo; Students with excellent academic performance Throughout the &; The saying is not accurate, "high school often take an examination of the last boy admitted to Tsinghua" title, easy to make a person misunderstanding. But even in the innovation class, very few get into Tsinghua. In other words, Zhao Qichen, who entered the innovation class at the beginning, was indeed a ldquo; Throughout the underachiever &; Can rush from the bottom of the class to the second in the school, behind. The reverse is true. Undoubtedly, it has reference value. What's more, some parents can't accept this drastic change, and their understanding of their children is still at the junior high school stage. A student with high academic performance. Change & other; Students with poor grades. The cruel reality, and then blindly blame blame and lambasting children not enough effort. A child who needs reassurance and understanding from his parents, even with a twist. Straw & throughout; I'm afraid it's too much to bear. High pressure & throughout; Then there is the danger of a crash. & other; He grumbled at me when he failed the exam. And I comforted him, and gave him a hug. I have no other way, so relief has been relief has been relief, day by day. Throughout the &; Zhao Qichen's mother's words are simple, but they contain profound educational wisdom, worthy of parents to taste. If it were not for her mother's comfort and tolerance, Zhao Qichen was able to be the last one in the class from the first year of high school, gradually and steadily rose to the top of the class, and finally became a surprise to the whole school. Black & throughout; ? Pick & have spent & have spent Note: it is believed that most young people now have a blue or yellow App on their mobile phones, and some even have both, namely ele. me and Meituan. For the same takeout market giant, the recent friction between the two sides can be a lot. From the decoration of the deliveryman's helmet, to Meituan's cancellation of alipay payment, to whether the deliveryman in the cartoon is dressed in blue or yellow... More recently, there has been an unfair competition lawsuit. It is believed that most young people now have a blue or yellow App on their mobile phones, and some even have both, namely ele. me and Meituan. For the same takeout market giant, the recent friction between the two sides can be a lot. From the decoration of the deliveryman's helmet, to Meituan's cancellation of alipay payment method, to whether the deliveryman in the cartoon is blue or yellow. & hellip; More recently, there has been an unfair competition lawsuit.

      China is committed to opening up and win-win cooperation to build an open world economy. In June this year, the Overall Plan for building a Free Trade Port in Hainan was released, aiming to build an important open door leading China's opening-up in the new era. The China International Import Expo has built a broad platform for countries around the world to display their national image and strengthen trade exchanges. Build & other; One Belt And One Road & throughout; The initiative has helped to effectively open up the world trade and investment channel. & hellip; Gu Qingyang, associate professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore, said That China is committed to opening wider to the outside world, taking concrete actions to respond to some anti-globalization arguments in the international community and showing the international community China's determination to safeguard global multilateral cooperation. In refer to more than 3.4 million words and epidemic prevention work introduction, policy measures, member of the proposal, 22 members of the research group report, and based on the literature, the CPPCC research group formed more than 60000 words "improve the public health emergency management system in shenzhen special investigation report and 22 committee report, and written for the 40 units and 11 straight zone (new district, zone). At the special consultation, Guo Wanda, member of the Municipal CPPCC And executive vice President of China (Shenzhen) Comprehensive Development Research Institute, said on behalf of the research group that the research group believes that since the outbreak of coVID-19, Shenzhen has devoted all its efforts to the epidemic prevention and control and achieved good results at the initial stage. However, in accordance with the requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the high positioning of building a socialist pilot demonstration zone with Chinese characteristics, shenzhen's current public health emergency management system still has some shortcomings that need to be addressed urgently. Third, consider the possible history of underintake or mild deficiency. Some people who regularly go on diets to lose weight are likely to have multiple micronutrients in short supply before eating a nutritious diet. If you eat the normal amount, it's a reasonable amount, but there's nothing left to make up for it. If you increase the supply of complex nutrients, you will gradually make up for the deficiency, making it easier for the body to recover. Fourth, consider increasing the vitamin requirements associated with exercise. Weight loss movement will increase the demand for a variety of nutrients, but also more or less cause the loss of water-soluble nutrients caused by sweating. For example, muscle exercise requires a higher supply of B vitamins. Some people because of genetic reasons, or physical reasons, the demand for some nutrients is higher than others, when losing weight, exercise will be more prone to mild lack. As an appropriate addition, it can be. Prevention first. To avoid deficiencies. The online sales of tide play products will undoubtedly help the development of the industry. A research report on blind box economy released by guotai junan in 2019 shows that there are nearly 200,000 consumers on Tmall, spending more than 10,000 yuan to collect blind boxes every year. Obviously, buying blind boxes online has become a new option for many consumers. Some business leaders believe that after the epidemic, the online sales channel will maintain a stable growth. & other; Through our online channels, consumers can immediately know what styles they buy, which replicates the instant pleasure brought by offline pumping blind boxes. Many consumers are getting used to playing games and buying products online, and some are sharing their game experiences on social media, which is a good feedback and reference for online sales. .

        China Association of Automobile Dealers analysis, entering August, southern bad weather into the end of the market demand will increase. Many auto show held, & LDQUO; Throughout 818 &; With the launch of e-commerce activities, the back-to-school season releasing some families' demand for cars, and the new round of promotion fee policy taking effect, the car market will show a mild recovery, and the terminal sales volume is estimated to be about 1.5 million units. On the afternoon of June 6th, in the ice cream selling area of Rt-Mart Po store, mustard matcha chocolate ice cream, desktop pearl milk tea ice cream, coconut grey chocolate and coconut flavor ice cream were all affixed. Temporarily out of stock. The label of northeast iron pot stew has more than 10 in stock. The store also sells an ice cream flavored with Hongbao crayfish, which is less common on the market. In the Ginza Shengyang logistics center, there are two wholesale shops selling northeast iron pot stew. An Yong (not his real name), the owner of one of the shops, said that only a few cases of dongbei iron pot stew were sold, about 30 in each case. Wasabi flavored ice cream won't sell 10 cases a summer, or less than three or four hundred ice cream. At this wholesale cold drink store, about 40,000 ice cream bars are sold every month. In the owner's opinion, this kind of web celebrity flavor ice cream, not everyone can accept and like, the purchase group is relatively small.

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