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      What we eat is good food, but what we taste is life. Don't let eating like a pig become a source of misleading unhealthy habits and waste food as a show. Only by integrating healthy life concept and transmitting healthy lifestyle into food programs can these programs be truly welcomed by the society.   However, the practice of "holding a group" for the aged brings a lot of thinking to grassroots cadres. The people decide whether the environment is good or not. These days, companies in Jiaxing often encounter a group of people who use their noses to "monitor" the air in their factories for odors. The staff, known as smellers, assess air quality not only by looking at the data, but also by looking at the perception of the air. Not only should you look beautiful, but you should also smell fresh. It will be a protracted war for Zhejiang to win the battle to protect the blue sky. In recent years, the ecological environment of our province has been continuously improved, and the air quality is the first in the key regions of China to reach the national level 2. A review of the report on pollution prevention and control in the first half of the year shows that the air is cleaner: the average concentration of PM2.5 in cities divided into districts in the province is 26 micrograms per cubic meter, down 21.2 percent year-on-year. The number of days with good air quality was 93.4 percent, up 5.1 percentage points year on year. "Since the beginning of this year, we have carried out the 'double control' and 'double reduction' of PM2.5 and ozone. We have launched a comprehensive battle against ozone in summer and autumn, and environmental air quality has continued to improve." Provincial department of Ecology and environment related person in charge said, this benefits from our province in the industrial waste gas treatment and industrial structure adjustment and other aspects of continuous power. Comprehensive analysis of the recent international flights traffic, with an eye to overall improve the closed loop control mechanism, by the Shanghai through the entry of personnel determine in jiaxing concentrated isolated points in the province at present, to the south lake area, show continent area, jiashan county, pinghu, haiyan county, haining, tongxiang city, jiaxing order of economic and technological development zone, arranged in order by the Shanghai transshipment of the day and isolation medical observation mission. In the process of personnel transfer and quarantine control, relevant protection standards and epidemic prevention and control policies will be strictly implemented.

        In midsummer, walking along the Banks of the Big Chen River in Suxi Town, Yiwu, the fresh air and rippling water make people feel comfortable. Who would have thought that the current used to be a "polluted river". This change is inseparable from the construction of "zero direct discharge of sewage" in the local area. Sewage no longer flows into the river, and the Dachenjiang river has regained its clear appearance. The key to water control is to treat the root causes of water pollution. Since 2018, the province has launched the construction of "zero sewage direct discharge zone", and so far it has completed the construction of more than 300 industrial parks. In July this year, the construction of the zero-discharge sewage zone was upgraded. According to the Implementation Plan of Zhejiang Province for comprehensively Promoting the Construction of "Zero Sewage Direct Discharge Zone" in Industrial Park (Industrial Agglomeration Area) (2020-2022), by the end of 2022, the construction of "zero sewage Direct discharge Zone" will be completed in key parks of the province.  Tantou Village has also introduced leading enterprises such as Ganzhou Jinruisheng Ecological Agriculture Development Co., LTD.  

        On the growth in first-half results, NISsin Foods said that after the COVID-19 outbreak, Curtilage economy & throughout; Let the demand for high-quality ready-to-eat noodles rise. Uni-president also said in the announcement, In the first half of the year, the instant noodles industry has played a good emergency role in responding to global health emergencies. Its safe and delicious food has given consumers a new understanding of instant noodles, and the industry has grown significantly. Throughout the &; & other; The epidemic has led to a large number of restaurants unable to open, so many people choose convenient food, in addition to home to reduce the number of people at home to prepare some instant noodles to solve the problem of eating. Throughout the &; White Elephant food related person in charge analysis, although some restaurants opened after normal work, but people still have some concerns about dining in restaurants, and even ordering takeout, so in the office with convenient food replacement situation is more.    

      Police in Shanghai have dealt with the first case of an abandoned pet dog, the Voice of China's Newsline reported. According to the "Regulations on dog management in Shanghai", the police imposed a fine of 500 yuan on the abandoned owner wu, revoked the dog registration certificate and took in the dog administrative punishment. On the morning of July 28, a stray pet dog with signs of injury was found at the intersection of Longyang Road, Dongfang Road, Shanghai, suspected to have been hit by a car. After rescue by the pet hospital, the dog pelvis fracture, suffering from the basic disease of elderly dogs. Dog lovers turned to the local police station for help. Soon, the police contacted the dog's owner, Surnamed Wu. But Wu made it clear that she had kept the dog for more than a decade and had decided to abandon it because of its age and poor health. She also admitted that she had abandoned the dog.    At the same time, the national key research and development project of "intelligent agricultural machinery equipment" has been actively promoted. More than 1,600 products have passed the agricultural machinery test and appraisal, and the large-scale demonstration and promotion of complete sets of rapeseed mechanized harvest equipment that can realize the conversion of subdivision and combined harvest can be realized. The orderly rice throwing machine and synchronous rice transplanting deep fertilizer machine have realized large-scale application in double cropping rice areas. The relevant person in charge of agriculture NongCunBu said that current, each district is organization submersion in agricultural machinery spare no efforts in disaster relief, at the same time to carry out early rush in the harvest, late rice rob, autumn grain field management, such as production, promoting application of animal husbandry, aquaculture and agricultural mechanization of pretreating and other new technology and new equipment, to firmly seize the annual grain harvest, pays special attention to the livestock like pigs and other major agricultural products and stable yield for mechanized provide strong support.

      Nearly 300 high-quality foreign trade enterprises home appliances, home textiles, clothing, footwear, specialty agricultural products and other thousands of high-quality foreign trade products sales are hot, the original plan to hold 3 days of export products to domestic sales activities extended to activity week... This is the hot scene during the "Foreign Trade Excellent Pinghui Beautifying The Pedestrian Street" series activities organized by the Ministry of Commerce and Zhejiang, Shaanxi and Chongqing, which opened on July 25. Since the beginning of this year, due to the impact of COVID-19, international demand has shrunk, orders from foreign trade enterprises have declined, and the enthusiasm and voice for shifting exports to domestic sales have been on the rise. At the same time, export products to domestic sales also have greater growth potential. Commerce Minister Zhong Shan said at a state council conference in May that the government is supporting foreign trade companies to switch to domestic sales after their exports were blocked. The effort is now paying off. Domestic sales by exporters rose 17 percent in April, indicating that high-quality foreign-trade products are also popular with domestic consumers.        

         & have spent & have spent According to the media investigation, the garbage classification in some residential areas is not in place and not standardized. When the dustmen are in the area, the residents will release the garbage in a standardized way and throw it randomly without supervision. According to the requirements of kitchen waste before putting into the bag, dirty bags into other trash cans, but some people are accustomed to the smell of dirty to throw away. & have spent & have spent The classification of garbage seems to be a problem of living habits, but it is actually caused by the awareness of laws and regulations. In Japan, garbage sorting is not a thing at all, but a fixed way of doing things. For example, people usually carry plastic bags in their bags, leftover fruit seeds and used tissues etc. on the way home, and then put them into different categories according to the specified time and place. It is reported that the Japanese are not so conscious at the beginning, a few decades ago did not have too much awareness of classification, but since the enactment of the relevant laws and regulations, people put garbage is strictly limited, one is not to mix all kinds of garbage, before putting carefully divided into categories; Second, garbage can not be put anywhere at any time, at what time of the week, put what garbage is very clear, can not make mistakes, or your garbage can not be thrown out. If you put in the garbage classification is not qualified, or there are other violations, under normal circumstances it is difficult to muddlethrough, the consequences will be very serious, in addition to a huge fine, will also leave a stain on the personal credit, affect the future life.  The postponement of elections for the Legislative Council is in line with international practice. It's been a year of elections around the world, but at least 60 countries and regions have postponed their plans because of the outbreak. The opposition in Hong Kong has politicized the fight against the epidemic and stigmatized the normal postponement of the legislative Council election because of the epidemic, putting political expediency above life and safety. Some countries and politicians also took the opportunity to stir up the flames by encouraging Hong Kong to "hold the election on schedule" while postponing the election in their own countries. The "double standard" is clearly exposed. What is their intention? Life is the highest priority. The rebound of the epidemic will have a serious impact on the economy and people's livelihood. Prevention and fight against the epidemic is the prerequisite for Hong Kong's prosperity and development. The Hong Kong people should be fully aware of the dangers of the epidemic, put aside their differences and unite as one. Under the leadership of the SAR government, we should work together to win the battle against the epidemic at an early date, create favorable conditions for the recovery of the economy and improvement of people's livelihood, and bring Hong Kong society back to the right track at an early date.

      On the scene, Zhejiang Branch of China Construction Bank donated 1 million yuan to help 26 counties accelerate the construction of children's homes. The Provincial Charity Federation, the Provincial Youth Development Foundation, the provincial Women and Children's Fund, and the provincial Disabled Persons' Welfare Foundation have also jointly established the "Children's Companion Travel -- Helping Children's Home Public Welfare Alliance".   Since March, agricultural machinery manufacturers have stepped up efforts to resume production. The main indicators for the production and sales of agricultural machinery enterprises above designated size have turned from downward to overall recovery, and the industry has picked up significantly. The output of major agricultural machinery products has picked up, and the production and sales of high-horsepower tractors, wheat harvesters, corn harvesters and rice transplanters have all achieved positive growth. From January to May, the output of large tractors increased by 21.9% and the sales volume by 20.3% year-on-year. The yield of maize and rice harvester increased by 0.34% year-on-year, and the sales volume increased by 1.8% year-on-year. The output and sales of rice transplanter increased by 16.5% and 3.7% respectively. The output of baling machine increased by 48.8% year-on-year, and the sales volume increased by 111.9% year-on-year.   

        In the course of the class, the teacher's behavior also directly affects the child's cognition. During the course of a class, teachers often ask students, says Liu wei. Is that clear? Throughout the &; Most of the time, silence fell, because even if the student did not understand, he was too embarrassed to say that he was afraid of criticism. & other; A & lsquo; All & rsquo; Exclude him from most of your classmates. . According to Liu Wei, this is a bad way to collect information. & other; As a teacher, you should give your students a sense of security when they are being honest, rather than leaving them alone. Rsquo; rSQUo; In the. Take homework as an example. We often say that homework is to check and fill the gaps for students. Teachers should first let students know that the most important meaning of doing homework is not to present perfect or not, but to reflect the most real state of learning. Throughout the &;   

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