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      They swept away the civilization of the city with a broom, and in return we got a clean, orderly and comfortable living environment. We must protect the environment, protect the blue sky, learn to be grateful, learn to give, and respect the fruits of others' labor." (Changsha Tianxin District Experimental Primary School, Hunan Province)   Applicants must present their registered ID number    

         Those who register in the province where their domicile is located may choose their intention to register according to the recruitment plan; Holders of residence permits who apply in provinces where they often live can only apply for local fire rescue teams or forest fire brigades. Registration intent bar with dispensing options like, subject to adjust, can according to the personal interest in the same province across the team "(volunteer in the province of fire rescue teams and forest fire control team to adjust)," with teams across the province "(volunteer team selected for dispensing) nationwide," across different provinces team "(voluntary nationwide to swap between the two teams) to select options. The admission rate of those who obey the adjustment is higher. According to the relevant requirements of COVID-19 prevention and control work, candidates for interview are required to register "lucky code" in advance (see jl.gov.cn/ JXM/for registration method) and the State Council's mini-program epidemic prevention itinerary card. The terminal will be inspected before registration. Candidates should strictly abide by the requirements of Changchun epidemic prevention and control. If they need to be quarantined, they should reserve sufficient time for quarantine observation. If they need nucleic acid test, they should be tested in time. As the epidemic prevention and control requirements will vary according to the development of the epidemic situation in different regions, candidates are requested to consult the changchun epidemic prevention and control department in time to ask whether nucleic acid testing and isolation are necessary. Before registration, please bring your own mask (without breathing valve) and take your temperature as required. Candidates with suspicious symptoms or abnormal conditions confirmed by on-site health and epidemic prevention professionals will no longer attend the interview or physical examination on the same day. The interview on the same day will be changed to video interview or video interview, and the physical examination will be arranged separately.  

      The leading group of assessment and recruitment shall, based on the assessment results, physical examination and inspection results, conduct collective research to determine the personnel to be recruited. The list of employees to be hired will be published on the website of Sanya Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and the Website of Jiyang District Party Construction Website for 7 days to listen to the opinions of the public and accept social supervision. If any dispute exists during the period of publicity, it shall be investigated and dealt with by the leading group for assessment and recruitment. If there are no problems after investigation, the employee shall be hired; Otherwise, the qualification of the person to be hired will be cancelled. Please keep the communication smooth and pay attention to the announcement of the personnel Department website. The interview. The interview mainly examines the applicant's ideological and moral character, physical and mental health, professional image, professional ability and quality, academic research level, career development potential, etc. The interview consists of two parts: leaderless group discussion and structured interview. The proportion of each part in the interview results shall be used to determine the candidates for physical examination. The physical examination candidate shall attend the physical examination (including reexamination) at the designated time and hospital. Those who do not take the physical examination are regarded as giving up their qualifications automatically. The physical examination methods and standards are in accordance with the Implementation Rules of Physical Examination for Public Institutions in Guangdong Province (trial) (Guangdong People's Society development) 1. The qualification examination for the posts subordinate to the procuratorial organs of Zibo City and the organization departments of district party committees and counties shall be organized by the recruiting organs separately. Apply for the qualification examination of posts of municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Municipal Administration of Administrative Examination and Approval, Municipal Administration of Market Supervision, Municipal Bureau of Statistics, Municipal Medical Security Bureau, Municipal Administration of City, municipal Court system, municipal Audit Bureau (including Audit Bureau of Zhangdian District), municipal Bureau of Justice, and municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and organize them in a unified and centralized way. Please refer to the attachment for the specific examination place and contact information. With this year's graduates enter oneself for an examination, should take the initiative and contact with the agency that recruit, submit record of formal schooling (degree) certificate original, photocopy, and supplementary explanation concerned job circumstance, can provide relevant proof material when necessary. Among them, 2018, in 2019 the ordinary university graduates should be provided within the employment period not to carry out the work unit, archives, organization relationship remains in the original school graduation, or keep in graduate employment departments at all levels (graduate employment guidance service center), talent exchange service organizations at all levels and all levels of public employment service agencies; If the applicant is not a fresh graduate, one original and one copy of the diploma (degree) recognized by the state shall be submitted;  The county commission for Discipline Inspection will post the candidates on the antu County people's Government website (www.antu.gov.cn) for public supervision. The public notice period is five working days. After the expiration of the publicity period, if there is no problem or the reported problem does not affect the employment, it shall be submitted to the organization Department of the County Party Committee for examination and approval; Those who report serious problems and have solid evidence shall be disqualified for selection and transfer.

         Job reselection will take the form of on-the-spot registration. Applicants should fill in the Application Form for Reapplying for Posts in 2020 for Public Selection of Civil servants by Municipal Direct Authorities of Hebi City (Annex 3), submit payment certificate, their id card and other relevant documents (original and 2 copies), and go to the designated place to reapply for posts before 17:00 on August 27, 2020. Applicants are not allowed to re-register for posts that have been announced to be cancelled. If the applicant fails to reapply for the post as required, he/she shall be deemed to have voluntarily given up and the written examination fee paid shall be refunded. This selection, the qualification examination work runs through in the selection examination the whole process. The information and relevant materials submitted by the applicants must be true and valid, and the letter of commitment of good faith signed at the time of registration. Where found candidates After the verdict, Qu, wuning County human Resources and Social Security bureau and Jiujiang city human resources and Social Security bureau all appealed against the verdict. On the afternoon of July 17, 2020, Qu Jianghuan sued The Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Wuning County, The Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Jiujiang City and the Wenguangxin Tourism Bureau of Wuning County for refusing to accept him. The second instance of the case was held in Jiujiang Middle Court. During the court hearing on the same day, whether Qu Jianghuan met the admission requirements became the focus of debate in the court. Trial this year on July 17, wuning county people club bureau for preliminary qualification, the examination candidates shortlisted list eight months after that QuJiangHuan inconsistent "professional", qualification review of unqualified explained: "in the meantime we know two professional related, so after such a long time finally decided to their professional, disqualification."

      C. The origin of War and Shikumen has been described in the passage. In other words, the shikumen building in the Shanghai Concession was born because of war. The war forced the rich and even the common people in the Yangtze River valley to rush to the Shanghai concession, and the number of people exploded, resulting in the emergence of the shanty houses in the concession. D) The scope of description in the paragraph revolves around the subject "Shikumen", rather than "Shikumen residents". According to the writing logic, the scope of the following description cannot be directly separated from the subject, so D is invented out of nothing, so it is excluded. The new rules introduced by Amazon have had a huge impact on the way writers earn money. It goes on to detail the impact of the number of pages read and the length of time a writer spends reading on his or her royalties. "If no one reads an e-book, the writer's income will be severely affected," so it can be assumed that, in order to increase income, writers may shift their creative direction to cater to readers' tastes. D) He is a good student. D) he is a good student.  2. Have the teacher qualification certificate corresponding to the recruitment position. Based on 7 departments such as human resources and social security ministry "about dealing with COVID - 19 outbreak affect the implementation of part of the professional qualification" mount guard, and then research "phased measures notice requirements, temporarily did not acquire the qualification of teachers of 2020 graduates and 2018, 2019 has not yet been to carry out the work of college graduates and have obtained the primary and secondary school teachers' qualification exam qualification certificate (in the period of validity) to be identified with qualifications for teachers, can register first, then textual research, but are required to submit the" first mount guard, after textual research "candidates personal pledge" (attachment 3), A teacher certificate must be obtained within one year (before August 31, 2021), or the teacher will be dismissed. Other personnel must have corresponding teacher qualification certificates.    

         Fire fighters implement a full withdrawal mechanism. If it is not suitable to continue to engage in fire and rescue work, or if it is approved by the organization for other reasons, it shall be arranged to quit. Among them, those who have worked for less than 12 years and need to be arranged to quit shall be given subsidies according to regulations; Those who have worked for more than 12 years and are under the retirement age shall be arranged by the government, and they may also choose to receive subsidies for independent employment according to their own wishes. The arrangement that achieves emeritus condition retires. The recruitment of firefighters should adhere to the openness of information, process and results, and take the initiative to accept supervision. This recruitment does not specify the examination guidance book, does not hold nor entrust any organization to hold the examination guidance training class. The Ministry of Emergency Management and the Provincial Office of Emergency Management (bureau) shall set up a hotline to receive reports and complaints in a timely manner and investigate and deal with them in accordance with relevant regulations. The provincial supervisory tip-off telephone number shall be published by the Emergency Management Office (bureau). (www.chinagwy.org) it is recommended to interpret "the transformation of old residential areas benefits more people and wins". Hope the examinee reads this article, has certain help to explain the hot point to grasp. On July 20, 2020, the General Office of the State Council issued the Guiding Opinions on Comprehensively Promoting the Renovation of Old urban Residential Areas, making it clear that construction will begin on 39,000 new urban residential areas involving nearly 7 million households by 2020. By the end of the 14th five-year Plan, we will basically complete the task of transforming old and old residential areas in cities and towns completed before the end of 2000. From the macro point of view, the investment in the renovation of old residential areas can promote employment, the development of upstream and downstream industries, the renovation of residential households, decoration and renovation of home appliances, etc., and provide a driving force for the expansion of domestic demand. At the micro level, the transformation of the old community allows residents to feel the change, experience the benefits, and really make life better. As a Chinese saying goes, "he who does not renew will retreat by the day." The world is impermanent. If one holds on to the old, he will fall behind the changes of things and the progress of The Times, which will cause problems and restrict development. It is the same with the development of the manufacturing industry. If it cannot keep pace with the development of the market and The Times, it will gradually fall behind the pace of leaders and be gradually eliminated by the market. As a Chinese saying goes, "To pursue innovation is to pursue development; to pursue innovation is to seek the future." In the face of deepening reform, only innovation in thinking can help transform and upgrade the manufacturing industry and propel China to become a manufacturing power. We should innovate our way of thinking and create change from made in China to Made in China. China's manufacturing industry has experienced a "heavy industry" and "light" such as "world factory" "made in China" stage, but most of the time we are "I follow" role, many enterprises take is "market for technology" strategy of backwardness, so people poured out of doors, and go to Japan to buy rice cooker, toilet cover phenomenon emerge in endlessly, a large number of outflow of consumption also bewailed. All these phenomena show that Made in China can no longer rest on its laurels, nor can it stop at becoming "the world's workshop". Line from the heart, heart from ambition. In the era of "creativity" above all else, we should have the courage to return to zero, innovate the way of thinking, renew the concept and concept, strengthen independent innovation, grasp the core technology by innovation, realize the transformation of manufacturing by innovation, lead the reality by innovation, and become a manufacturing power by innovation.

       Autonomous region of natural resources is the composition of xinjiang uygur autonomous region people's government department, agency specifications for the main hall class, main responsibility is to monitor natural resources utilization and protection, establishing spatial planning system and supervise the implementation of universal for all kinds of natural resources asset owners responsibilities, unified investigation and approval to register, build system of paid use of natural resources, is responsible for the management of surveying and mapping and geologic exploration industry, etc. The center for The Comprehensive Improvement of Land Management and other personnel adhere to the standards of both political integrity and talent, implement the principles of democracy, openness, equality, competition and merit-based recruitment, adopt the recruitment method of combining examination, interview and investigation, and make the information, process and results open. (2) Preliminary examination of qualifications. The examination of registration qualifications shall be organized and implemented by the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee. The preliminary qualification examination shall be conducted from 9:00 on August 17 to 17:00 on August 20, 2020. Those who meet the qualification requirements shall not refuse to register. If the applicant does not meet the qualifications, he/she shall report the reasons to the applicant. If the information is incomplete, indicate the missing content and return it. Applicants are required to fill it in time. If the uploaded photos do not conform to the regulations, applicants are required to re-upload them. For those who have passed the preliminary examination of their qualifications, the registration information shall be retained for the examination and comparison during the reexamination of their interview qualifications. (3) Query the preliminary examination results. From 9:00 on August 17 to 17:00 on August 20, applicants should log on the registration website to check whether they have passed the preliminary qualification examination. Those who have passed the preliminary examination of qualifications shall not apply for other positions. Between 9:00 on August 17 and 17:00 on August 19, applicants who have not been examined or have not passed the preliminary examination of qualifications may apply for other positions. After 17:00 on August 19, 2020, applicants who have not been examined or have not passed the preliminary examination of qualifications cannot apply for other positions.   ★ Infrastructure (public facilities, transportation facilities, road facilities, etc.), supporting facilities, technical facilities, technological upgrading, relying on science and technology; Hardware, software, 4 road, road, street lamps, greening, fence, electric power, water supply, drainage, network construction, fire escape, temporary shelter, waste recycling, water, pipeline, such as library, the urban infrastructure, infrastructure construction, environmental protection, disaster prevention facilities, transportation facilities, communications network infrastructure, communication network conditions

      【 Commentary 】 On August 11, many areas in Sichuan province were affected by heavy rainfall. Released in the afternoon, the sichuan first rainstorm orange alert in nearly seven years, sichuan provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters launched Ⅲ level of flood control and emergency response. Some roads and tunnels in Beichuan County, Mianyang city, Sichuan province, were disrupted from Monday evening to Thursday morning. Debris flow disaster occurred in dege and Luding of Ganzi Prefecture. One person was killed and six others were injured when two tourist buses crashed into rocks at 7 PM Tuesday in Shangsizhai, Zhangza Town, Jiuzhaigou County, Aba Prefecture. Falling rocks smashed the windshields of the buses. According to telephone reports from Ya 'an city and relevant districts and counties, six people have died and five are missing in The city. The flood level at The Duoyingping Station on the Qingyi River is 589.5 meters, exceeding the highest level ever recorded. At present, fire fighters, medical workers and other rescue forces have entered the disaster area, transfer, treatment of the affected people, the detailed disaster is further statistical verification.  To declare special professional talents to broaden the application condition of age, must I on September 10 (will be subject to send postmark time) to the gansu province fireman enroll office (hereinafter referred to as the "province enroll office") to send a written application and relevant documents certificate photocopy, province enroll office in accordance with the provisions of the scope of professional, organize the supplier audit standard conditions, after the public to the society, subject to examination and approval department firefighters enroll work leading group office (standard conditions and procedure see appendix 1), after the approval of the examination and approval, go through the online registration. When applying online, applicants must fill in their personal information for account registration and real-name authentication. After successful login, select "social youth", "retired soldiers", "fresh college graduates" according to the category of registration channel. Among them, ex-soldiers must choose "ex-soldiers" registration channel, to conceal their service experience to choose "social youth" or "fresh college graduates" registration channel to cancel the recruitment qualification. Applicants with full-time college degree or above should fill in their major and professional code (you can check in the "Notice and Announcement" column of the national comprehensive fire rescue team firefighter recruitment platform).    

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Additional points will be awarded to candidates who apply for positions in the Urban Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Team of Your chi District (post code 2001008) and hold the "Anhui Province Housing Urban-rural Construction (Urban Management) System Administrative law enforcement Personnel Training Registration Certificate" and "Anhui Province Administrative Law Enforcement Certificate". , to meet the conditions after verification points personnel in guichi district government net 5 days of the public to the society, there is no objection on the public, according to the prescribed procedures based on the written test results for holding the housing urban and rural construction in anhui province (city) system of administrative law enforcement personnel professional legal knowledge training registration certificate for the examinee of one-time increase 1 minute, to hold the examinee of anhui administration execute the law card "one-time increase 2 points. Candidates who apply for extra points should provide the original and copy of the extra points materials.

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In order to further broaden the channels of recruitment, enrich the work force of discipline inspection and supervision, and optimize the structure of the cadre team, according to the notice on Strengthening the Professional Ability Construction of Discipline inspection and Supervision Cadres of The prefecture (Yanzhou Discipline Development and Development (no. 10, 2020), the establishment and position vacancy of discipline inspection and supervision committees of the county shall be combined. The commission for Discipline Inspection of Antu County has decided to open the selection and transfer of staff to the whole county, and the relevant matters are hereby announced as follows: All units and departments of the county (including towns and streets) are on the job, and civil servants who have been registered and put on record in accordance with the provisions (including public institution staff managed by referring to the civil servant law); Fully funded establishment of career staff. ....

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(2) The examination objects shall be determined according to the total examination results of the persons who have passed the physical examination and the number of persons recruited shall be 1:1. The assessment method shall be carried out with reference to the relevant provisions of the Regulations on Personnel Administration of Public Institutions. Any vacancy caused by failure in physical examination or assessment shall not be filled again. The candidates will be listed on www.xiayitv.com and the WeChat public platform of xiayi people's association and "master xiayi" for a period of 7 working days. The probationary period of the employed personnel is one year, after the completion of one year, they will be formally hired through assessment (fresh graduates must obtain the teacher qualification certificate within three years from the date of formal employment, otherwise the employment contract will be terminated, be dismissed). All the benefits shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant policies of the state. ....

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