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      Sf express is a leader among private express companies, and its operating income has been the first in the industry for many years, which is closely related to sf's direct sales mode and mid-high-end positioning. But as the industry develops, SF express's high-end products are hitting the ceiling, and its business growth lags far behind. Tongda system & throughout; . For this reason, SF aims at e-commerce parts with huge business volume. After several years of layout, SF finally got a taste of the benefits from e-commerce parts last year. Last May, SF Express launched a new product with better value for money & LDQuo; Special preferential treatment; , which also opened a new channel for SF's e-commerce business. According to SF's 2019 financial report, since May 2019, SF Holding has launched special and special products for the e-commerce market and customers, in order to meet the diversified demands of customers, quickly gain market recognition, and drive the rapid increase of the income scale and market share of economic products. The introduction of preferential special products boosted the business volume of economic products rapidly, and boosted the business of economic products to achieve a year-on-year growth of 47.54% in the second half of the year. In 2019, the company's economic products business realized 26.919 billion yuan of revenue excluding tax, with a year-on-year growth of 31.96%.   (2) Applicants who have returned from studying in Hong Kong or Macao or studying abroad shall present certificates certifying materials of their academic qualifications and relevant certificates issued by The Chinese embassies or consulates stationed abroad. Applicants can check the relevant requirements and procedures of certification by going to the "Academic degree Certification column" on Sign up to be screened on the spot. Rong County health bureau of the registration personnel qualification examination, Rong County human resources and social security bureau of the qualification review, the qualification examination did not pass the personnel shall not enter the next link. The qualification examination runs through the whole process of the examination and recruitment. The examinee must fill in his/her personal information in a practical and realistic way. We will create a good environment for government affairs. Deepening & other; The pipes clothing & throughout; We will further lower the threshold for market access by carrying out reform and delegating power to lower levels, so as to unshackle enterprises and invigorate the market. We will carry out inclusive, prudent and targeted oversight, improve the list of non-punishment, mitigated punishment, lighter punishment and heavier punishment, and make administrative law enforcement more standardized and law-based. Accelerate creation & LDQuo; No proof of the city. We will step up efforts to clean up certification matters, fully implement the notification commitment system, promote the electronization of certification, continuously promote the reduction of certificates for the convenience of the people, and optimize the government affairs environment to the maximum extent. We will create a good service environment. We will set up regional international legal services and commercial dispute mediation centers to meet high standards, set up professional legal service teams for investment and financing, merger and reorganization, and property rights protection, and set up international commercial dispute mediation studios to strengthen the legal guarantee in Jinan Free Trade Zone. Promote the establishment of cooperative notary offices in the Free Trade zone jinan area. We will implement the legal service agency mechanism, guide the flow of legal service resources to small and medium-sized enterprises by combining government purchase with public service, and promote the implementation of policies that benefit enterprises.

       Luneng holds 76.13 percent of Guangyu Development, according to public filings. In 2019, Guangyu Development achieved revenue of 23 billion yuan. In the past three years, The real estate business of Luneng Group is gradually adjusting to sports community, entertainment and vacation, intelligent life and other directions. Vigorously develop business, culture and tourism, sports, health, science and technology, beautiful countryside, people's livelihood seven innovative industrial systems. . On March 15, 2010, Beijing Shibo Hongye Real Estate Development Co., LTD., a subsidiary of China North Armament Group, defeated Greenland Group and won the land in Dongsheng Township, Haidian District, which was the land king of Beijing that year. State-owned enterprises make land Kings. , & other The weapon maker, the land maker. Become the topic that attracts much attention inside and outside the industry. More than 10 days later, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) stepped in and ordered all but 16 soes, including China Construction, to stay in the real estate business. From August 11th, the municipal Party Committee and municipal government press conference will be held around the implementation of the 11th Plenary Session of the Municipal Party Committee. Lsquo; Five Ji 'nan & Rsquo; Accelerate the construction of a central city in the Yellow River Basin. A series of press conferences will be held to invite leaders of 12 districts, counties and functional areas to introduce economic, social and people's livelihood issues. At today's first press conference, Li Guoqiang, deputy secretary of lixia District Committee and district President, introduced. Overcome all difficulties and strive to be the first, and strive to be the vanguard of the provincial capital's high-quality development. Situation. According to the report, the district won the first place in 2019's comprehensive assessment of the city's economic and social development and won five first prizes for individual items. In the first half of this year, Lixia achieved a GDP of 87.17 billion yuan, an increase of 1.6 percent, higher than that of the whole country, the whole province and the whole city, and continued to lead the whole city. The goal of the Guidance is to cancel the review of construction drawing design documents (including survey documents, hereinafter referred to as construction drawings) in the approval process of low-risk projects and further reduce the approval time. We will strengthen ongoing and ex-post supervision after the review of construction drawings is cancelled, and implement the system of notification commitment, random inspection of construction drawings quality and lifelong responsibility of designers to ensure the quality of survey and design of construction projects. In terms of strengthening in-process and ex-post supervision, housing urban and rural construction or departments with the function of government purchasing service (hereinafter referred to as the purchasers) will entrust a third-party institution with the corresponding qualification of drawing examination through the government purchasing service to conduct 100% spot check on the construction drawing quality. Local governments will include construction drawing quality inspection services in the list of services purchased by the government, and purchasers shall compile the budget of government purchase funds and plans for government purchase of services, which shall be included in the departmental budget and submitted to the financial department at the same level for approval.  

      According to public information, see fu convenience store last financing for 2018 Sequoia Capital heavy position investment. Before jingdong's strategic investment in Jiefu, Jingdong 7FRESH Family Store had reached a strategic cooperation with Jiefu in April this year, and they jointly launched & LDQuo; The promotion of a hundred groups; Activities. At the time, Wang Jing, vice President of's 7FRESH business, said that the deal was an important landing of's 7FRESH omni-channel strategy. & other; In the future, we will open up vertical supply chain, omni-channel IT technology, online operation and other capabilities, and fully cooperate with Jiefu convenience store to promote its omni-channel, digital and other comprehensive transformation and upgrading. Throughout the &;  Prior to the incident, Wang zhenhua was not only a member of the Shanghai CPPCC, but also a delegate of jiangsu Provincial People's Congress. He also held certain positions in The All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Real Estate Chamber of Commerce of Shanghai Municipality, and Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce. He has won many honors from Jiangsu Province and Shanghai as well as outstanding contributions to Chinese charity. Report within 3 working days. Those who fail to report within the time limit will be disqualified. The probation period for the newly hired personnel is one year. The probation period includes the term of the employment contract. The relevant benefits shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state public institution. Newly hired personnel into the post management, after probation, comprehensive assessment, by unit of choose and employ persons qualified in accordance with the relevant state regulations, deal with relevant formalities and not qualified according to the business unit personnel management ordinance terminate the employment relationship, contract workers shall sign a pledge, negative proof days nucleic acid detection, and the stationary point medical personnel to the scene, to decide whether to enter the link. Candidates in the corresponding links to obey the site management, according to the requirements to wear masks, pay attention to keep a distance, do a good job in prevention. After each employing unit and the competent department determine the personnel to be hired, the Human resources and social security Bureau of Newspaper Rong County will be published in the zigong personnel examination network and the open column of government affairs. The public notice period is 7 days, during which social supervision will be accepted. The report should truthfully reflect the problem in its true name and provide the necessary clues for investigation. Questions submitted anonymously or otherwise are inadmissible. After the completion of the public announcement of the personnel to be hired, if there is no reflected problem or the reflected problem does not affect the employment, the human resources and Social Security Bureau of Rongxian County shall examine and approve the employment procedures; The employee shall not be employed if the employee has any problem and has solid evidence and does not meet the conditions for employment; If there is a problem with the response, but it is difficult to verify or deny for the time being, we will suspend the employment and decide whether to hire after checking.

      Accepting the strategic investment from JINGdong will be an important boost for Jiefu to realize omni-channel retail. Previously, in terms of online channels, Part of Jiefu's self-built group business was also delivered home via cable. In addition, in June this year, through the outlet of live streaming e-commerce, The Fuke live broadcasting base under Jiefu was officially launched, which is also an important link for Jiefu convenience store to move towards omni-channel retail.    In the face of the epidemic, photographer Qian Han has been on the front line. The exhibition featured a number of qian han's photos, from the perspective of civilians, presenting a touching moment in the face of the epidemic. Masks basked in the sun on the balcony and masks made of oranges by children in the community are hellip; & hellip; In the ordinary course of life, Qian always finds something unique by chance. On the ninth night of the first lunar month, Qian faced the Jinan Olympic Sports Center. Building & on the other; Celebrate the Spring Festival. "Has been changed to" ldquo; Unite as one to fight the epidemic. . Qian captured the scene. On the same night, most offices in the municipal government building were brightly lit, and the city's relevant departments have been directing the fight against the epidemic around the clock. He also photographed the building that never sleeps at night. (1) The applicants shall be responsible for the authenticity of the information and materials provided by themselves. Those who provide false information and pass the examination of the qualification conditions of recruitment shall, once verified, cancel the examination or the qualification of employment, and the examination of the qualification shall run through the whole process of recruitment. Enter oneself for an examination personnel should be strict self-discipline, after affirmatory attend written test, wait for a stage in written test, interview, physical examination, investigation, public announcement, hire, give up at will, write down good faith archives. (2) Please pay close attention to the applicants during the recruitment period (registration, written examination, qualification review, interview, physical examination, inspection and publicity); Shanghai Network of Talents for Establishing Diplomatic Relations; (Daily period graduates of regular colleges and universities full-time fresh graduates (with the graduation certificate signing time to prevail). The other national education form that is not education of common higher record of formal schooling (self-taught examination, adult education, network education, night big, TV big etc.) graduate must not enter oneself for an examination. National unification recruitment of students of normal college graduates leave school and during the employment period, the provisions of the state employment period for two years) not to carry out the work unit, its registered permanent residence, archives, organization relationship remains in the original school graduation, or keep in graduate employment departments at all levels (graduate employment guidance service center), talent exchange service organizations at all levels and all levels of the graduates of public employment service agencies, can be treated according to the college graduates.

       Who's buying weird ice cream? Ten yuan a "high cold" ice cream sell well? Ji 'nan people eat ice cream, not just a picture of "quench one's thirst" For further optimization of construction project approval process, recently, the province is optimized panel engineering construction project for examination and approval system reform office issued by the simple low risk for social investment construction project construction drawing review guidelines "(hereinafter referred to as the" guidelines "), and low risk project examination and approval process in the construction drawing design documents review link, further reduce the time of examination and approval, improve efficiency of examination and approval. Living building provincial authorities said, "guidance", the term "social simple low risk investment projects (hereinafter referred to as" low risk "project) is to point to: the social investment, a total construction area of more than 3000 square meters, height is not more than 24 m, and no more than one floor underground, building area of more than 1000 square meters, single function, technical requirements, simple nature of the building for office, business, public service facilities, such as ordinary warehouse, standard factory building project.    

      Not long ago, the General Office of the State Council issued the Opinions on Further Improving the Business Environment to Better Serve Market Entities. In line with the requirement of focusing on helping the market and stimulating market vitality, 66 specific reform items were put forward to stabilize and support market entities. The guidelines set a deadline of the end of this year for some of the reforms, aimed at accelerating the recovery of the market and the industry and better reducing the burden on companies. Only by optimizing the business environment can we give full play to market advantages, enhance enterprise confidence, stimulate economic vitality, break through the development vein of the whole industrial chain, and add strong impetus to the new pattern of China's economic and social development. In recent years, China's business environment has improved significantly. Today, & other; Certificate separation. The reform has been piloted in 18 pilot free trade zones for full coverage. Nationwide, the start-up time of all enterprises is reduced to 5 working days; Enterprises for the cancellation, implementation & LDQUO; One Internet access; Collaboration with multiple departments & Hellip; & hellip; A series of measures have taken root, unleased enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and innovation, and invigorated the market. For this reason, China has been ranked by the World Bank as one of the top 10 economies with the largest improvement in the global business environment for two consecutive years.  The municipal meteorological Station issued the latest forecast at 6 o 'clock this morning: during the day, Beijing cloudy to overcast with moderate to heavy rain, accompanied by thunder and lightning, the north wind about two to three east wind four, the highest temperature of 29℃; During the night, there will be heavy rain to heavy rain (accompanied by thunder and lightning) to cloudy, with a wind level 3 to 4 from east to north and a minimum temperature of 23℃. Sf Express reported 33.541 billion yuan in revenue in the first quarter, up 39.59 percent from a year earlier. The volume of express delivery in the first quarter reached 1.72 billion, up 77.14 percent year on year. In April, the logistics business revenue of SF Express reached 11.499 billion yuan, up 48.91% year on year. The volume of transactions reached 611 million, up 88% from the same period last year. In May, sf Express logistics business realized operating revenue of 11.454 billion yuan, up 41.46% year on year. The volume of transactions reached 636 million, up 83.82 percent year on year. In June, sf Express logistics business realized operating revenue of 12.325 billion yuan, up 42.01% year on year. The volume of transactions reached 689 million, up 84.22 percent year on year.

      According to Bao, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has repeatedly repeated a theme in the past period that the US strategy of engagement with China has failed. & other; In my opinion and that of other observers, Pompeo is wrong. The engagement strategy pursued by the United States has produced quite favorable results for the United States, China and the international community. It is a fundamental misunderstanding of the purpose of engagement to change China's political system. Throughout the &; In the long run, Cooperation between the United States and China remains important, Bao said. Technology and The Times have made decoupling no longer possible, he said. In the future, as economic globalization evolves and adjusts, global supply chains may undergo some changes, but this is different from decoupling. We will ensure that the China International Cultural Tourism Expo, The China Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo and the China (Binzhou) Zhanhua Winter Date Festival are held to a high standard, and we will hold innovative major festival events such as the Shandong Yellow River Cultural Tourism Festival and the Jinan International Spring Festival. In the field of opening to the outside world, deep integration. One Belt And One Road & throughout; Construction, Tai 'an actively take the Jinan Eurasian train to carry out foreign trade import and export business, accelerate the establishment of Tai 'an Tax flow center (Type B), jointly build Jinan International Investment Industrial Park. Establish Jinan Binzhou & LDQUO; Go out & throughout; Alliance. In major foreign cooperation and investment promotion activities, we will jointly build a number of high-level cooperation platforms for opening-up. We will support Binzhou in building a comprehensive bonded zone.  

         Governance and security should be governed at the grass-roots level. Go out of the cadre. Anonymous throughout the &; In the end, the underlying governance difficulties at the grassroots level must be driven by institutions. Through targeted measures, we will make sure that accountability mechanisms, assessment mechanisms, fault tolerance mechanisms and employment mechanisms really play their role. To a certain extent, the problem of system operation is the problem of human beings. Anonymous throughout the &; Must be caught. A key minority. Put power in a cage and bask in the sun. The behaviour of the shares, which Mr Sun also explained as "purely normal autonomous trading", has also failed to win regulatory approval. According to the trading statement of the securities account, sun mou sheng did not trade on May 15, 2019 solstice on July 1. "in conclusion, the CSRC has not adopted sun mou sheng's arguments. According to the facts, nature, circumstances and the degree of social harm of Sun's illegal ACTS, the CSRC decided to confiscate Sun's illegal gains of 654,300 yuan and impose a fine of 1,308,600 yuan, namely "no punishment and two". At the same time, Sun is enthusiastic about public welfare, as a private entrepreneur, always abide by discipline and law, compliance management, in taxation, employment and other aspects of the society has made outstanding contributions. In addition, during the epidemic, Sun donated nearly 300,000 yuan in cash and medical supplies to the epidemic area in Hubei province, organizing the company to actively contribute to the fight against the epidemic.

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