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       Five, ten, one hundred, three thousand... Twenty-one years ago, the elderly bought an empty two-story building in Gelong Village, Waigang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai, in a trendy crowd-funding deal. They named it Cizhou Nursing Home, which aims to help each other provide for the aged. The old people from all over the country like this way of supporting their old age. At most, there are 22 people living in the building at the same time. They help each other and live in harmony.   To become a "pilot demonstration area" in the national strategy, Shenzhen has a heavier task and a higher standard. Fan Gang, vice President of the China Society of Economic Reform, said the pilot demonstration zones are an upgraded version of the special economic zones. The central requirement for shenzhen has always been a consistent, is from the global planning a domain, to a domain services globally, around the emphasis and difficulty in need breakthrough continue to try first, form more replicable, experience and system, which can be promoted to "a breakthrough", finding "is living" drive "energizes" by "the lead". In 2016, Shenzhen's GDP was 1.95 trillion yuan; In 2017, Shenzhen's GDP was 2.24 trillion yuan; In 2019, Shenzhen's GDP was 2.69 trillion yuan. Since entering the "trillion Yuan City Club" in 2011, Shenzhen has not only doubled its economic aggregate, but also maintained a steady and progressive growth rate. Shenzhen's high-tech industry has kept pace with ITS GDP growth. In 2010, the output value of Shenzhen's high-tech industry exceeded one trillion yuan, reaching 1017.6 billion yuan. If you go from 1 trillion to 2 trillion, it's 7 years. In 2017, the output value of Shenzhen's high-tech industries reached 2,137.878 billion yuan, compared with 2,627.798 billion yuan in 2019. Sun Taiping, member of the Party Committee and deputy director of the Public Security Department of Guangdong Province, as well as the main persons in charge of road safety offices in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shantou, Foshan, Huizhou, Jiangmen, Zhanjiang, Maoming, Zhaoqing, Qingyuan and other prefectures, witnessed the excellent practice of the filing system of electric two-wheel vehicles in Baoan District of Shenzhen. In the following symposium, sun taiping represented the provincial public security department as "shenzhen experience" thumb up. In order to solve the management problem of electric two-wheeled vehicles systematically and fundamentally strengthen the standardized management of electric two-wheeled vehicles, the Shenzhen Municipal Government took the initiative to change its concept and took the lead in implementing the pilot work of ev registration in Baoan and Guangming districts on April 9. Up to now, the two districts have completed a total of 1,019,900 system registrations, generated 999,800 record signs, and installed 972,400 record signs. The installation progress is 97.26%, realizing a major breakthrough in the management of electric vehicles from prohibition and control to transportation and registration.

      National Bureau of Statistics, the city department, said senior statistician Dong Lijuan foods, such as food and beverage service gradually restored, pork consumption demand continues to increase, at the same time, the parts due to flooding has certain influence on the dispatching of live pigs, pork price rise than last month, pork prices rose 10.3% month-on-month, increase than expanded 6.7% last month. Affected by the adverse weather, the price of fresh vegetables rose by 6.3%, an increase of 3.5 percentage points. As the number of laying hens decreased, the egg production rate declined in summer. The price of eggs rose by 4.0% after nine consecutive months of decline. Fresh fruit came to market in large quantities, and the price continued to fall by 4.4%, narrowing the decline by 3.2 percentage points compared with the previous month. Non-food prices were flat, down 0.1 per cent from the previous month. Among non-food items, gasoline and diesel prices rose 2.5 percent and 2.7 percent, respectively, due to fluctuations in international crude oil prices. The price of air tickets and hotel accommodation increased by 2.9 percent and 1.7 percent, respectively. Discounts on summer wear intensified, with clothing prices down 0.5%. A letter from a tenant of The Jingyuan Building in Luohu District was posted online Tuesday. She kept a large golden retriever, wore a muzzle, rode a freight elevator and rarely walked her dog in the neighborhood, the letter said. Can rent for three months, the property has received several complaints from residents, because the dog is too big, some residents are more afraid. Soon after, the Property company put up a notice about pet ownership, specifically asking for dog walks after 10:30 p.m. For this matter, there are different views on the Internet. Some netizens said that uncivilized dog ownership should be resisted, rather than household compliance. Some netizens believe that walking the dog to avoid the rush hour can reduce unnecessary neighborhood disputes and even frighten and hurt people, and they should understand each other. It is reported that the summer vacation has come, many left behind in the hometown of "small migratory birds" scheduled to fly to Shenzhen, reunite with their parents, due to the busy work of parents, "small migratory birds" generally exist "second left behind" problem. In order to further enrich the summer cultural life of the builders' children in songgang district, the youth league committee and volunteer association of songgang sub-district will hold a 4-day summer camp from August 11 to 14, solstice. In order to let teenagers know about the wonderful world outside, planted the seeds of dreams, songgang street migratory birds to fly according to participate in the activity of teenagers, summer camp for children to deep contract employees respectively arranged the trip to the red revolution, artistic journey, trip, the trip to the bay area construction of green environmental protection, cultural experience tour, recreational tour trip knowledge lectures, visit exhibitions, outdoor expansion, handmade, skills upgrading, such as more than 10 activities, for young people provide a platform for learning knowledge, social contact.   

      On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, the "Spring, autumn and Chinese Painting and calligraphy Auction" planned and hosted by Shenzhen Zhizheng International Auction Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhizheng International Auction") will be held from 15:00 to 17:00 on August 15 at the auction hall of the 5th floor, Block A, Jingji 100 Building, Shenzhen. It is understood that the auction has a total of 73 pieces of works, all of which are masterpieces by modern and modern masters, including more than 20 famous artists such as Zhang Daqian, Qi Baishi and Xu Beihong, and most of the works were first presented in Shenzhen. Among them, There are as many as 14 pieces of fine paintings by Zhang Daqian, including a delicate red Flower, Wenhui Diagram, High Mountain and Flowing Water and other masterpieces by Qi Baishi, such as Ten Jia Tu and Pine rattan Diagram, many of which were first shot in China. The auction is mainly auctioned by Zheng Xiaoxing, vice President of China Auction Industry Association and secretary-general of Guangdong Auction Industry Association.     The exhibition is divided into two parts. The first part, entitled "Law and Time, Governance and The World", shows in detail the evolution of China's civil legal system, the compilation process of civil codes, the history of civil codes in countries around the world, the legislative highlights of civil codes, etc., in the form of pictures and pictures. The second part, The Encyclopedia of Social Life, intuitively displays the certificates, contracts, bills, texts and other articles related to the civil legal system in the form of rich cultural relics. It guides the audience to walk through the corridor of legal time and feel the close connection between the legal system and daily life and the changes of times. After the event, the exhibition panels will continue to be roving on the streets, and the public who are interested in cultural relics can visit the Bank of China Financial Center building for free with the visiting voucher given by the Justice Bureau of Futian District.

      Public welfare scenic spots refer to those with great social public benefit value, such as the Forbidden City, Jiuzhaigou, etc., whose tourism resources are irreplaceable. Such scenic spots should be free of charge or less, striving to make them equally Shared by all. At the same time, ticket schemes should be tilted in favor of minors and other key educated groups to maximize the effect of social welfare. "According to the horizontal classification of the implementation of classification management, let public scenic areas bid farewell to the 'ticket economy'. For example, urban parks have become the welfare of urban residents. Local fiscal expenditure and local residents' income have formed a virtuous cycle of matching expenditure and income, and the surrounding land has increased in value accordingly, which can bring more benefits to the local area. Urban parks have found an effective model of healthy development and bid farewell to the 'ticket economy'." "Liu Simin said. The Anti-Japanese War of the whole nation is an important magic weapon for the victory of the Chinese people's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. The masses are the most powerful force in the victory of war. The Communist Party of China, by mobilizing and relying on the people, has put forward and implemented the general strategic principle of protracted war and a set of strategic tactics and tactics for the People's war, and extensively carried out guerrilla warfare, such as amambush warfare, breaking and attacking warfare, land mine warfare, tunnel warfare, and flax warfare, thus plunging the Japanese invaders into the vast ocean of the People's war. The Chinese Communist leadership opened up the enemy behind the battlefield and the kuomintang command of the front battlefield cooperation, formed a joint fight against the Japanese invaders strategic situation. The victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression is the victory of the whole nation's resistance against Japanese aggression and the glory of all the sons and daughters of the Chinese nation.   President Xi Jinping has always had a high regard for Shenzhen. In December 2012, the General Secretary went to Shenzhen on his first visit from Beijing, solemnly declaring to the world his firm determination to persist in reform and opening up, and asking Shenzhen to "give full play to the spirit of daring the people of the Special Zone to be the first in the world". At the beginning of 2015, the General Secretary made important instructions on the work of Shenzhen, requiring shenzhen to be "bold in exploration and innovation". At the end of 2018, the General Secretary once again issued important instructions on the work of Shenzhen, requiring the city to "implement high-quality development requirements, thoroughly implement the strategy of innovation-driven development", "move forward toward building a socialist pilot demonstration zone with Chinese characteristics, and strive to create an example of a strong modern socialist city". "In foreign countries, many scenic spots are tourist-free, which is a trend. Due to different national conditions and different scenic spots, China still has a long way to go before it says goodbye to the 'ticket economy'. The current wave of price cuts cannot really say goodbye to the 'ticket economy'." Qi Xiaobo said. In Qi Xiaobo's view, free admission behind, in fact, is a market survival of the ill. To restart the tourism market, in addition to reducing tickets, the scenic spots should innovate products according to market demand, enhance attraction and improve service quality, so as to attract more tourists to enter the scenic spots for second consumption and form a new profit model. Local governments may give appropriate ticket subsidies, strengthen marketing promotion, tax reduction and so on. "Only in this way can the scenic spot transform and upgrade from sightseeing tourism consumption to comprehensive tourism consumption, and realize qualitative leap and development."

       The first phase of Line 3, the backbone of the city's rail system, is considered by many to be as important as the second Metro Line 2. This line is located in the passenger flow corridor from the northeast to the west of the city, passing through Xihu District, Xicheng District, Gongshu District and Yuhang District, connecting dingqiao, Dongxin Garden, Desheng, Zhaohui, Huanglong, Chengxi, Xiaohe Mountain and other residential areas along the way, strengthening the connection between the west, northeast of the city and the secondary city of Linping and the main city center.   Compared with 2016 at the beginning of the 13th Five-Year Plan, by the end of 2019, total assets of deep investment and control have increased by 75%, net assets by 75%, operating income by 366%, total profits by 67%, and taxes paid by 50%, making it one of the world's top 500 enterprises. The reform and development experience of Shenzhen Investment Holding Co., Ltd. won the first prize of "2019 Excellent Reform and Development Achievements of Chinese Enterprises"; Recently, the State-owned enterprise Reform Leading Group of the State Council has published and promoted the company's reform experience in the national state-owned enterprise system in the form of a special issue, contributing the "Shenzhen experience" to the national state-owned enterprise reform. Yu Gang introduced that in recent two years, according to the decision and deployment of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and municipal government, Shenzhen state-owned enterprises focus on supporting the development of private enterprises, service of high-tech industry and other aspects of hard recruit, out of real recruit. Lead to carry out the support the development of the private economy in shenzhen three of the "four billions of" plan, establish operating private enterprises stable development fund 100 billion yuan, complete and advance the guarantee bond issuance of 90.6 billion yuan, efficient operation of micro, small and medium enterprises bank loan risk compensation fund pool, covering 8.5 enterprises, propel the development of the state-owned capital and private capital integration and common prosperity. 

          As for her future life, Tao said that as long as her body allows, she will continue to dance, organize rehearsals and activities, and broadcast live when she needs to. Even if I can't jump any more, it's good to be a coach and judge. In addition, I will not give up the public welfare activities that I have insisted for many years, such as organizing an art troupe to perform in the nursing home.    

      It is summer vacation, children often stay and play in the parking lot and community, the vehicles in these areas are frequent, and people and cars mixed, frequent accidents. Traffic police in this remind the majority of parents, to strengthen the child's traffic safety education, do not let the child in the parking lot, near the vehicle play, travel alert, always keep in mind the safety!  Because of her dancing skills, In 2013, Tao was invited to join the Haiyan National Standard team, later the Haiyan Art Troupe, on the lakesside street. After the art troupe, Tao Fumei successively organized and established the Latin dance team, modern dance team, fashion team, opera team, national dance team, the performance of the troupe became rich and colorful. The two art troupes have a total of 100 members, the oldest 70 and the youngest 45. Although there is no salary, but in tao Fu Mei's organization, led by the art troupe still do thriving. Tao says she is happy compared to her parents. "Like my mother, after retirement, she spends her days shopping and cooking, chatting with neighbors at home and visiting relatives' houses occasionally. Life is very monotonous. Our generation has lived through the reform and opening up. We live in the Internet age and have smartphones, so our life is much better." In order to make it easier for citizens to "take the civil Code home", The Justice Bureau of Futian District has designed an automatic book giveaway machine named "The little brother who gives books". At the event, the competent "little brother" is a appearance then make guests wowed: citizens through the phone code, not only can get free of "civil code" paper books, can also according to the need for "civil code" full-text electronic, micro small and medium-sized private enterprises by the rule of law a medical self-test system free checks on its own rule of law in... A variety of intimate services, so that "little brother" instantly became the focus of the audience, received numerous praise. Books according to understand, "little brother" will be in the silver financial center building "stand guard" for a month, free provide service for the populace, and later to futian district "cruise", in every street and communities for residents free on not less than ten thousand of the civil code books, let civil code to go to the side, into the heart.  

          In July, 100,000 and 98,000 new energy vehicles were produced and sold, up 15.6 per cent and 19.3 per cent, respectively, the first increase this year. Among them, 79,000 and 78,000 pure electric vehicles were produced and sold, with year-on-year growth of 17.9% and 24.2% respectively. The production and sales of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles reached 21,000 units and 19,000 units respectively, up 7.8% and 2.7% year-on-year. Byd's latest sales figures also showed that it sold 31,300 vehicles in July, up 1.3 per cent from a year earlier. After six consecutive months of declining sales, BYD saw its first positive sales growth of the year in July. In addition to the continued strong growth of fuel vehicles, the recovery of new energy vehicles was the main driving force. 

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