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      After summing up the problem and deciding the direction, I comforted myself not to be flustered and rushed to success. All kinds of recruitment exams have been postponed in the face of the epidemic, so it will give me more time to improve and improve myself. Therefore, I buried my head and adjusted my attitude. While preparing for my graduation thesis, I also improved my job-hunting skills and working ability. Every day reading, writing reading notes, revising papers, practicing calligraphy has become the main content of life, this time is boring but reassuring. On the way to the examination, the public examination, I this "calf" is also everywhere hit a wall. As a manic person, I always made some frustrating mistakes, such as not knowing the conditions of registration, not submitting all the materials, not sealing the official seal, missing the time of registration or qualification review. The frustration of seeing the opportunity slip away from my hands made me sink into the deep remorse. So I will read the announcement every day important information and notes are copied down, so as not to miss the opportunity again. In the latest test application, I will control all of the material preparation is complete, all confirm cover official seal, or even make a phone call to the relevant personnel to consult a dozen times to confirm my application is successful, but even so carefully, I still failed to pass the qualification of the first round of screening, in the face of failure this time but I detachment many, because I am ready to go all out, at least in the face of the opportunity, I don't slack off, but actively, I see your change, will see the hope.  Like most unemployed job seekers, There will be exams, large and small, and each exam will be a challenge and an opportunity. (2) Investigation. Personnel Department and Sports College organize the inspection of the qualified personnel, mainly investigating the political quality, moral quality, professional ability, work achievements, etc. Recruitment shall be conducted in accordance with the following procedures: online email registration, qualification examination, original verification, interview, publicity of personnel to be hired, medical examination, political examination and official admission.

       Have the required education background, major, skill, age and other requirements for the post to be applied for. In principle, the major studied in the master and doctoral stage is the same or similar; Good political and ideological quality, love medical and health undertakings, willing to contribute, moral integrity, law-abiding; Physical and mental health, meet the requirements of the recruitment post; Age are generally not more than qualified applicants please send resume, education certificate, degree certificates, academic achievement (mainly paper and related retrieval, works and research projects and awards, inventions and award-winning) and other relevant materials to reflect the individual ability of scanning and the candidate registration form "in the form of attachment sent via E-mail to our mailbox In this announcement and the mianyang city maternal and child health care of family planning service center 2020 direct recruitment jobs and professional and technical personnel to test the list "(hereinafter referred to as the" list of jobs and conditions ") contained in the requirements of personnel, candidates must be in registration in accordance with the requirements of the positions and conditions of the country admits record of formal schooling of diploma certificate, etc. 1. One original and one photocopy of my valid certificate (ID card, graduation certificate, degree certificate, practice certificate, professional title certificate, etc.) and one personal resume. (2) Examination materials: the applicant shall hold one original and one copy of his/her valid certificate (id card, graduation certificate, academic degree certificate, practice certificate, professional title certificate, etc.) for on-site qualification examination. (5) The time and place of the interview and the relevant requirements shall be notified to the applicant in writing. Within the specified interview time, if an applicant fails to arrive for the interview, he/she will voluntarily give up the interview. The interview will no longer be filled, and the interview will be conducted according to the actual number of candidates. If the interview fails to meet the proportion requirement, the interview result of the position shall meet the proportion of the interview full score of the examination room to determine the candidates for assessment. Inspection the wuzhou bureau is responsible for the work, based on the principle of seeking truth from facts, to view the file, a variety of forms such as survey, a comprehensive understanding of evaluation of ideological and political quality, law-abiding consciousness, moral character accomplishment, interpersonal skills and psychological adjustment ability, learning, work situation, the physical condition and the situation of the need to avoid, such as comprehensive, objective and fair to determine by the assessment of the assessment results. When there is a vacancy due to unqualified examination, the vacancy can be filled from the qualified personnel for the interview according to the ranking from high score to low score. 

      D) According to article 3 of the Regulations on National Economic Census, economic census work shall be organized and carried out in accordance with the principles of unified national leadership, division of labor and coordination among departments, local levels of responsibility and joint participation of all parties.    Three working days). If any problem affecting employment is reflected in the public announcement and verified, it shall not be employed. If the problem reflected in the public announcement is difficult to be verified at the moment, the employment shall be suspended and the decision on whether to hire the employee shall be made after being verified. If the hired personnel fail to report within the prescribed time limit without justified reasons, their employment qualification shall be cancelled. The employer may fill the vacancy according to the need. (6) is one of the following circumstances, shall not register: serviceman, had been meted out criminal punishment for crime, reeducation through labor, and by the public security organ public security penalties or suspected crime has yet to find out the staff, has been expelled from office staff, in the civil servants at all levels and business unit staff recruitment is considered cheating and in must not enter oneself for an examination personnel handling deadline, fired office under five years of personnel in accordance with the law, and with laws and regulations shall not be recorded (hiring) with personnel of other circumstances. The applicant shall not be identified as the candidate for examination. The examinee is not allowed to reveal his/her name, native place, graduate school, work unit, parents and other personal information to the examiner during the interview. Where the interview results of the disclosure of his name according to zero points, the rest of the discretion to deduct points.

      This recruitment qualification examination work runs through the whole process of the examination recruitment. The information and relevant materials submitted by the applicants must be true and valid, and the letter of commitment of good faith signed at the time of registration. If any candidate is found to be inconsistent with the qualifications required by the proposed position and provides false materials, the candidate will be disqualified from the examination and employment immediately upon verification, and all losses caused thereby shall be borne by the candidate himself. & other; Public announcements. If the column is publicized without any objection, it shall enjoy the corresponding additional score policy. Those who falsify and enjoy the extra points policy will be disqualified from the examination once verified. The proportion of those who take part in the interview is determined, and the lowest scores in the proportion are all qualified for the interview. Those who fail to take the written examination, cheat on the examination and get zero marks on the written examination shall not enter the interview. After the qualification is confirmed, those who do not meet the qualifications for the post are not allowed to enter the interview. It is divided into qualified lines, which mainly examine the comprehensive qualities such as education and teaching level, organization and coordination ability, personality psychology, appearance and manner, and the basic teaching skills such as language expression and blackboard writing. According to the recruitment position, the judging panel will select the corresponding teaching materials. The applicant shall prepare for the course, take the mini-course and reply in the closed time and designated place. Those who apply for the position of music teacher will take the mini-class and try their professional skills after the defense. On the mini-course, defense and professional skills plus test results by the judges on the spot to inform the interviewer. The proportion of the candidates who need to pay the interview fee shall be determined according to the total score from high to low score (if the total score is the same, the candidates with high score will be selected; If the total score is the same, the written test and the interview result are the same, the ranking will be determined by the extra test. The way and place of the extra test will be notified separately. The list of those who participated in the physical examination was published on the Yancheng Education network and the Yancheng People's Social Network. The physical examination shall be organized by Yancheng Education Bureau of Jiangsu Province. The physical examination fee shall be paid by the individual himself. The physical examination standards shall be implemented in accordance with the General Standards for Civil Servant Recruitment Physical Examination (trial). The recruitment qualification of unqualified persons will be cancelled naturally.   Zibo & LDQuo; Elite talent recruitment action. (The fifth batch) General Chapter, in accordance with the regulations on Personnel Management of Public Institutions and other relevant provisions, is now the fifth batch of Zibo & LDQUO; Elite talent recruitment action. The related announcements of the first recruitment of municipal health system are as follows. Years (including the probationary period) of the civil servants and the reference to the management of civil servant law, in the recruitment of civil servants and institution open recruitment recruitment (hiring) determined by the competent authority of serious disciplinary violations, and shall apply for personnel, personnel of the object being joint punishment in accordance with the law as a faithless, active servicemen, "avoid personnel management regulations" (people club department rules 

      By the district public office to organize the relevant department personnel to form an investigation group, take access to archives, visit and discussion and other ways to investigate the candidate to investigate, comprehensively investigate the ideological and moral character of the candidate, abide by discipline and law, the level of knowledge, work ability and professional skills, and review the examination qualifications of the candidate. If the examination and physical examination objects fail to pass or there is a vacancy due to other reasons, the district public recruitment office will make up the examination and physical examination personnel according to the ranking of the total score of the candidates (to enter the qualified score line). The physical examination standards shall be implemented according to the relevant provisions on recruitment of civil servant examinees. The candidates to be selected shall be published on the guchi District government website after being studied and approved by the district leading group for public selection and transfer. The period of publicity is 5 working days. If there is no problem or the problem does not affect the selection of the transfer upon the expiration of the publicity period, the transfer formalities shall be handled according to the regulations; Those who report serious problems and have solid evidence shall be disqualified for selection and transfer.  The application Form for the Introduction of talents for outstanding graduates from key universities in Wulian County public institutions (hereinafter referred to as the Application Form) and the Letter of Commitment to Good Faith, printed materials shall be used in the qualification review. Applicants are required to provide the original and photocopy of the following documents: their valid resident identity card, diplomas and degrees recognized by the state, Application Form, letter of Commitment in good Faith and other relevant documents required by the post. The returnees should also provide the certification materials of academic degree issued by the Service center for Overseas Study of the Ministry of Education. The proportion of equal amount determines the examination candidate. Doctoral candidates who apply for the job will directly enter the investigation scope, do not occupy the quota of this recruitment plan, and choose the best candidates according to the investigation situation. The organization department of the county Party Committee and the county human resources and Social Security Bureau make unified arrangements to inspect the universities (units) where the candidates are introduced, focusing on the ideological and political performance, moral quality, professional ability and work achievements. The personnel who have participated in the work must provide the unit issued by the written consent to sign up. After the inspection, the comprehensive analysis of qualified candidates list, unqualified inspection will not be introduced. The examination candidate abandons or the examination is unqualified, according to the interview result accordingly fills the examination candidate.  

      According to the actual number of interviews. In case of juxtaposition can also participate in the interview. If the written test has missed the test, cheated or the score is zero, the interview is not allowed. In my opinion, the linkage mechanism should be improved to combine the guidance qualification recognition, admission qualification examination, rewards and punishments of postgraduate tutors with the examination of teachers' ethics. In every link of postgraduate training, we should strengthen the training of academic standards, strengthen the education of professional ethics, and enhance the cultivation of academic ethics. We should optimize the academic evaluation system and adhere to the combination of academic committee evaluation, educational supervision evaluation, postgraduate evaluation and tutor self-evaluation, so as to form a joint force for the construction of academic style and academic ethics. Postgraduate education has a unified strategic frontier, countries around the world and the features of area target can be further convergence revolution, industrial revolution and education of science and technology revolution, so the graduate student is more need to track international academic front, face to face with academic problems, academic field of vision, innovative work in the academic research, is supposed to get more involved in research at the forefront of professional opportunities.    ) specified in the epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the unified plan of the government, health department of health during the transfer or medical institutions, directly involved in COVID - 19 epidemic prevention and cure a line of work, and direct contact with confirmed or suspected cases of accepts, screening, inspection, testing, transport, treatment, nursing, epidemiological investigation, medical observation, as well as direct cases of specimen collection, pathogen detection, pathologic examination, pathological anatomy of medical and health professional and technical personnel. : The registration shall be carried out in the way of on-site registration. Each person can only apply for one post. The valid identity card used in the registration and examination must be the same. (among them applicant "Jinzhong city second people's Hospital


      Candidates in the process of assessment (written examination, registration) was found or active report physical discomfort, the fever, cough and other respiratory tract abnormalities of retest review, by the stagnation point to evaluate the medical staff, have to continue to finish (written examination, registration) to test the examinee to continue the inspection (written examination, registration) does not have to continue to finish (written examination, registration) to test the examinee, the stagnation point medical staff properly disposed of in accordance with the regulations. During the examination (written examination), the examinee who cannot attend the examination (written examination) due to physical reasons will be deemed to give up automatically. In the appraisal employment work, ensures the information, the process, the result is open, accepts the society and the related department's supervision. Those who violate the regulations or engage in fraud shall, once verified, be disqualified for employment, and the relevant personnel shall be seriously dealt with in accordance with the relevant regulations. Those who violate the regulations of the examination discipline shall be dealt with according to the measures of Sichuan Province for the violation of the regulations of the personnel examination issued by the Provincial Personnel Department and the Provincial Supervision Department (try out) > and < civil servants employed medical operation manual (try out) > announcement concerning the content (people club department is sent [2016] no. 140), "about print and distribute < > notification" (people club department is sent [2010] no. 82), "about further to do a good job of civil service examinations check-up notice (people club department is sent [2012] no. 65)," about the printing < civil servants employed medical operation manual (try out) > announcement concerning the revised content (people club department is sent [2013] no. 58) and other relevant provisions. The examinee should pay attention to rest the day before the physical examination, do not stay up late, do not drink alcohol, avoid strenuous exercise, and do not eat or drink before the examination on the same day, keep an empty stomach. Shanxi University student village officials and other service grass-roots project personnel to apply. Specialized positions for grassroots project personnel. The examinee who has not received the certificate of service expiry shall print out the Audit Form for The Staff of The Basic Service Project (downloaded from the attachment of the announcement), and the column of assessment opinions of the service place shall be sealed by the service unit and its superior competent department respectively; In the column of opinions of the sending unit, the review opinions such as whether the service has expired, whether the resident is in office, and the assessment results should be added. (The college student village officials shall be examined and sealed by the municipal and county departments. & other; The teacher's Special Post program. The project personnel shall be examined and sealed by the Education Department of Shanxi Province. & other; The Western project. , & other Northwest Shanxi Plan. As well as  . The medical examiner determines. According to the interview results, the number of people to be hired according to the subject of the post from high to low scores to determine the physical examination personnel. If the last rank of a post is equal, the public recruitment leading group will organize an additional test, and those with higher scores will be confirmed as the physical examination objects. The list of physical examination personnel and the time of physical examination passed through the People's Government network of Pingchang County. The public has no objection to hire personnel, according to the tentative management measures for the business unit personnel employment in sichuan province, by the related department to hire formalities, the post employment management, and fill in the pingchang county institution open recruitment staff registration form "(in quadruplicate), one in the personal files, as a new supplementary business unit staff personnel file vouchers. The personnel employed to occupy the establishment of financial undertakings shall be brought into the county financial supply.


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