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      As a Chinese saying goes, "he who does not renew will retreat by the day." The world is impermanent. If one holds on to the old, he will fall behind the changes of things and the progress of The Times, which will cause problems and restrict development. It is the same with the development of the manufacturing industry. If it cannot keep pace with the development of the market and The Times, it will gradually fall behind the pace of leaders and be gradually eliminated by the market. As a Chinese saying goes, "To pursue innovation is to pursue development; to pursue innovation is to seek the future." In the face of deepening reform, only innovation in thinking can help transform and upgrade the manufacturing industry and propel China to become a manufacturing power. We should innovate our way of thinking and create change from made in China to Made in China. China's manufacturing industry has experienced a "heavy industry" and "light" such as "world factory" "made in China" stage, but most of the time we are "I follow" role, many enterprises take is "market for technology" strategy of backwardness, so people poured out of doors, and go to Japan to buy rice cooker, toilet cover phenomenon emerge in endlessly, a large number of outflow of consumption also bewailed. All these phenomena show that Made in China can no longer rest on its laurels, nor can it stop at becoming "the world's workshop". Line from the heart, heart from ambition. In the era of "creativity" above all else, we should have the courage to return to zero, innovate the way of thinking, renew the concept and concept, strengthen independent innovation, grasp the core technology by innovation, realize the transformation of manufacturing by innovation, lead the reality by innovation, and become a manufacturing power by innovation. (A) The first distribution is the first distribution, which is carried out by the market in accordance with the principle of efficiency and is directly related to the factors of production. Any production activity cannot be separated from production factors such as labor force, capital, land and technology. Under the condition of market economy, certain money must be paid to obtain these factors, and this monetary reward will form the primary distribution income of all factors providers. Employees of the enterprise to obtain overtime remuneration belongs to the initial distribution. According to the principle of fairness and efficiency with emphasis on fairness, the government conducts redistribution through taxation and social security expenditure, such as providing relief to poor households and disaster victims, collecting personal income tax, inheritance tax and gift tax. The government provides subsistence allowances to poor families and applies for student loans for students from poor families, which are the second allocation. 3. Supplementary materials can be submitted before 17:00, August 18 (Tuesday), if the materials submitted within the specified time are examined as missing parts, or if the admission office has agreed to postpone the submission of materials in advance. After the completion of the examination of the recruitment organs, unified report to the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee civil servant two section. 4. Qualification examination runs through the whole process of examination and record. In case of any inconsistency between the on-site qualification examination and the online preliminary examination results, the on-site qualification examination results shall prevail. In the follow-up work, if it is found that the person who has passed the examination does not meet the requirements for entering the examination or practices fraud and other problems, once verified, the qualification will be immediately disqualified and dealt with in accordance with the relevant provisions. Special reminder: please timely login "Lighthouse - Zibo Party construction" website "civil servant recruitment special topic" to pay attention to the relevant information, and keep the communication contact unimpeded, if there is a change in the way of communication, please contact with the recruitment agency in time, so as to avoid poor communication affect the qualification examination and interview and other matters. The candidate shall be responsible for the consequences caused by the failure to communicate with the recruitment agency due to the replacement of the mobile phone.  According to the business unit personnel management ordinance "measures for the implementation of institution open recruitment staff of hainan province, according to the sanya municipal party committee organization department regarding the zhuhai province hiring of college student village official examination recruitment work in district staff notice (three sets of words [2020] no. 108) documentation requirements, now 2015 and in 2016 the province unified arrangement to the hiring rural development of our service and on-the-job assessment of college student village official orientation is currently looking for a business unit staff. The announcement of relevant matters is as follows: Applicants shall carefully read the recruitment announcement and the recruitment position information form, take the examination according to their personal conditions, and fill in the Registration Form for the Staff of Public Institutions engaged in the Directional Assessment recruitment in 2020 in Jiyang District, Sanya city (Attachment 2) with relevant information in a truthful, comprehensive and accurate manner.

      Three habits (self-confidence self-discipline self-study) and four qualities (loyalty and filial piety integrity and diligence) guide the cultivation of talents. Based in Sichuan province, facing to the west and spreading to the whole country, swUFE Tianfu College will strive to become a first-class undergraduate college in China. It is preferred to have certificates of level-I constructor (electromechanical), registered electrical Engineer, registered Fire engineer, level-I Cost Engineer (installation, water conservancy); Majors related to basic medicine, clinical medicine, integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine, rehabilitation medicine and physiotherapy, rehabilitation therapy, sports rehabilitation, sports human science, etc. (5) Publicity and trial. The standing Committee of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection carries out a comprehensive study and judgment on the objects of investigation according to the post needs, personal strengths and investigation conditions, and studies and determines the candidates to be selected for the transfer, which will be published on the Network of Discipline inspection and Supervision in Suzhou and the network of Personnel examination in Suzhou for 5 working days. After the expiration of the publicity period, the probationary period will be 3 months for those who have no problems or report problems that do not affect the personnel to be transferred. After the probation period, according to its actual performance, to determine whether to transfer.   A) The canteen of the company, as an accessory place specially designed for employees to arrange and provide food and drinks during work, is within the scope of effective management of the company and is A reasonable extension of the workplace. In addition, although dining in the canteen of the company does not belong to the direct performance of work responsibilities, but the dining behavior is the premise of continuing to carry out the normal work, so it can be identified as engaged in preparatory work related to the work. So a in the company canteen dining accidentally fall, should be identified as a work-related injury.  

             Those who register in the province where their domicile is located may choose their intention to register according to the recruitment plan; Holders of residence permits who apply in provinces where they often live can only apply for local fire rescue teams or forest fire brigades. Registration intent bar with dispensing options like, subject to adjust, can according to the personal interest in the same province across the team "(volunteer in the province of fire rescue teams and forest fire control team to adjust)," with teams across the province "(volunteer team selected for dispensing) nationwide," across different provinces team "(voluntary nationwide to swap between the two teams) to select options. The admission rate of those who obey the adjustment is higher.

      For effective performance of guard against resolving major security risk, response to treatment of duties of all kinds of disasters and accidents, according to the national comprehensive fire rescue teams firefighters enroll way (try out) "(people club department rules [2018] no.5) and the emergency department of national comprehensive fire rescue teams enroll 2020 firefighters work notice ([2018] no. 50), was in 2020 in gansu province is oriented towards the social matters related to enroll a fireman announcement is as follows: Approved by the Ministry of Emergency Management and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, 740 firefighters from Gansu province, all male, will be publicly recruited. Among them: Gansu Province Fire rescue corps recruited 440 (open recruitment of social youth 150, directional recruitment of retired soldiers 145, special recruitment of university fresh graduates 145); Gansu Provincial Forest fire brigade recruited 300 (open recruitment of social youth 100, directional recruitment of ex-soldiers 100, special recruitment of college graduates 100). Including the recruitment of 160 on behalf of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Fire and Rescue Corps (55 social youth, 55 targeted recruitment of retired soldiers, special recruitment of 50 university graduates); Recruit 60 members for xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Forest Fire Brigade on behalf of (social youth, retired soldiers, fresh graduates of colleges and universities 20 each).     To be responsible for the informationization of party construction, the health care of cadres, the examination and approval of going abroad and other related work and special work related to party construction, organization and cadres; Management & other; National Party member information management system. , & other Party member management system of Yunnan Province. , & other Intelligent Party building; , & other Grassroots Party building information platform. Party construction information platform; Temporary work of organization and cadre arranged by the department. (2) Remuneration: purchase endowment insurance, work-related injury insurance, maternity insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance and housing provident fund for the employees in accordance with relevant policies and standards of Yunnan Province and Kunming;

      (5) Others: The examinee should take a rest the day before the physical examination, do not stay up late, do not drink alcohol, avoid strenuous exercise, and do not eat or drink before the examination, keep an empty stomach, and prepare 2 1-inch recent bareheaded photos. Candidates who falsify the physical examination results or conceal the true information during the physical examination, once verified, shall be disqualified for recruitment. Please familiarize yourself with the bus route as soon as possible, and report to the centralized location of interview qualification review, physical fitness assessment, interview and physical examination on time. According to the demand of COVID - 19 epidemic prevention and control work on the interview candidates who report to the examination site shall provide the latest health green yard, when to hold the examinee of the green yard and from domestic outbreak in high-risk areas, 14 days before the interview with country (condition) outside living history and will be coronavirus pneumonia confirmed or suspected cases with a history of close contact with the examinee, shall provide 7 days before the interview will be coronavirus nucleic acid testing negative proof. Candidates must strictly observe the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control policy of Yunnan Province (people from high-risk areas in China shall be quarantined for 14 days and released after being released from the quarantine after two negative nucleic acid tests). Those who need to be quarantined shall adjust their schedule and leave enough time in advance for centralized observation. Before signing in for the interview, candidates should bring their own masks and take their temperature as required. They should wear masks during the interview and physical examination. Candidates with suspicious symptoms or abnormal conditions confirmed by on-site health and epidemic prevention professionals will no longer attend the on-site interview and the unified physical examination. The interview will be changed to video interview or video interview, and the physical examination will be arranged separately.     This post selection is open to the full allocation institutions of rural towns and streets in Guichi district (excluding Chiyang, Qiupu, Xinghua Village, Qingfeng, Jiangkou and Qingxi streets). In the "age" condition, "under the age of 35" is "born after August 18, 1984", and the rest of the calculation of age is the same. Work experience requirements, based on full years, until December 31, 2020. If the working unit changes and the time is interrupted, the working time in different units may be calculated cumulatively. The registration time is from August 18 to August 20, 2020 (8:00-12:00 am, 14:30-17:30 PM). No registration will be accepted after the deadline. Registration place: Room 401, Personnel Management Department, Public Institution, District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

       1. Party member (including probationary Party member) with good ideological and political quality, strong party spirit, and strict observance of political discipline and rules. Good moral character, hard-working spirit, strong sense of self-discipline, no criminal record. Dare to adhere to principles, love discipline inspection and supervision work. 5. The personnel to be selected and transferred by county (district) organs and township organs should have at least 2 years of grass-roots work experience and at least 3 years of work experience as a civil servant (referring to the staff of the civil servant Law management unit); The personnel to be transferred to the municipal direct unit shall have at least 3 years' working experience in the civil servant (including the staff of the civil servant law management unit). (The deadline for calculating the number of years of work experience is August 2020.) (3) In accordance with the requirements of normal epidemic prevention and control, candidates should strictly observe the relevant national regulations on epidemic prevention and control, and accept the health code check and temperature measurement at the corresponding link of recruitment. Only those who pass the health code green and temperature measurement can enter this link. If the candidate's health code is "non-green" and the candidate fails to pass the temperature measurement, a negative test certificate shall be provided within 7 days, and the candidate shall be sent to the local medical staff  1 -- Innovative way of thinking to transform from Chinese products to Chinese brands. Through the comparison of examples, it is pointed out that if there is no innovation, there is no harm of brand awareness, so we must change our business thinking, change from low-end products to high-end brands, and take the road of "branding" development. "There is no sunset industry, only sunset enterprises and sunset people". Therefore, the innovative way of thinking, to let the sunset into the "made in China" to "created in China", let China speed to China's quality, let China's products transmutation Chinese brand, let China's manufacturing power leading the world. Therefore, only through innovative thinking can we change the setting sun from "made in China" to "created in China", speed to Chinese quality, transform Chinese products into Chinese brands, and make China a leading manufacturer in the world.

        (2) During the interview and test, it shall be under closed management according to regulations. Items unrelated to the interview and test (bags, cash, mobile phones, mineral water, cosmetics, etc.) shall not be brought into the examination room during the whole process. When participating in the qualification review, you can bring the relevant information into the entrance. After checking the health code at the entrance, the mobile phones carried by the candidates will be kept by the staff and retrieved at the time of departure. The rest of the items should be properly stored before registration. The main station is not responsible for keeping the items. If the items are lost, the candidates themselves will be responsible for the consequences. Before the entrance, professional security personnel will use the equipment for security check. If you use mobile phones or other communication devices during the interview, or violate the rules of the interview venue, you will be disqualified for the interview. Candidates who pass the assessment by the medical staff of the test site will be arranged to enter the special examination room for the test. They must wear a mask throughout the test. In case of fever, cough, sore throat, dyspnea, vomiting, diarrhea and other abnormal conditions during the examination, the examinee shall immediately report to the invigilator. The examination time shall not be made up according to the epidemic prevention related procedures. Candidates whose examination documents and relevant certification data are incomplete or do not meet the requirements of this announcement, or candidates with suspicious symptoms or abnormal conditions confirmed by the medical staff on the examination site, shall not enter the examination site to take the examination. All applicants should bring their own masks on the day of the test. They should take off their masks as required when entering the test room to verify their identity. They should wear masks during the whole process of entering and leaving the test site and the test room. After the end of each test, the applicants must obey the arrangement of the test site in batches and leave at the wrong peak. Applicants are encouraged to go to the test on their own. No one is allowed to enter or gather around the test site. No parking is provided at the test site.    

      First commercial Data center of finance and economics (CBN - Data) after release of the 2019 pet consumption ecological Data report shows that the pet service type full blossom in our country, more and more consumers are willing to pay for the pet, "the cat" cloud index in improved 10 times for nearly two years, "cloud pet" mode has become the contemporary young People's Daily. An analyst from the catering industry in The province said that the essence of business is flow. "The model of pet-themed drinks store is to stimulate the desire of people who love pets to purchase and consume through the cute pet effect." In particular, after the customer experience is completed and Shared through social platforms, good publicity effect can be achieved. Before signing up, candidates should carefully read the relevant announcement and sign the letter of commitment in good faith, submitted application information should be comprehensive, true, accurate and effective. Before the interview, on-site qualification examination will be conducted on the personnel who have been confirmed for the interview. Those who fail the qualification examination shall not attend the interview. The applicant shall bear all the consequences caused by misreporting, misreporting the position or providing false application information. 4. Payment: after the online registration is approved, each student should pay 30 yuan for each subject, and 60 yuan for the two subjects in total. Online payment can be made using the bank card supported by UnionPay online payment system or the industrial and commercial bank card with online payment function. Failure to pay the fee on schedule shall be deemed as an automatic waiver.  1. Shikumen architecture in Shanghai's rental sector is due to the war. The war forced the rich and even the common people in the Yangtze River valley to rush to the Shanghai concession, and the number of people exploded, resulting in the emergence of the so-called simple houses in the concession, which were all made of wood and took the form of adjacent houses in the West. Because the wooden structure was easy to catch fire, in order to maintain the long-term peace and stability of the concession, the Ministry of Industry demolished a large number of simple houses. However, around 1870, Shanghai began to build neighborhood houses, and the first generation of Shikamen appeared from this. 2. Amazon has introduced a new royalty rule that will have a huge impact on the way writers are paid. Starting in July, authors of amazon's e-books will receive royalties based on the number of pages they read and how long they last. If a certain e-book is not sold, the writer's income will be seriously affected. Amazon hopes the new rules will better tie readers' interests to writers' creative impulses. To prevent cheating, it will also take into account the amount of time a reader spends on a particular book page, which may not count as the number of pages read if the page is flipped quickly. Autonomous region of natural resources is the composition of xinjiang uygur autonomous region people's government department, agency specifications for the main hall class, main responsibility is to monitor natural resources utilization and protection, establishing spatial planning system and supervise the implementation of universal for all kinds of natural resources asset owners responsibilities, unified investigation and approval to register, build system of paid use of natural resources, is responsible for the management of surveying and mapping and geologic exploration industry, etc. The center for The Comprehensive Improvement of Land Management and other personnel adhere to the standards of both political integrity and talent, implement the principles of democracy, openness, equality, competition and merit-based recruitment, adopt the recruitment method of combining examination, interview and investigation, and make the information, process and results open.


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