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      This volunteer activity not only gives the children an in-depth understanding. Gen throughout the &; Knowledge, and in the process of the activity, the children face to face publicity to the public. Gen throughout the &; Knowledge, achieved by the common efforts of the people to support. Gen throughout the &; Understand & other; Gen throughout the &; The purpose of. Volunteer activities for the small volunteers to provide a stage to show their own, by everyone's unanimous praise, in the days to come, sunshine Street will be as always in line with the spirit of. Dedication, love, mutual assistance, and progress; The spirit of service, strengthen linkage, promote the small volunteer service work, actively carry out diverse forms of volunteer activities with characteristics, vigorously promote the spirit of volunteerism, let the sense of civilization in the hearts of the people.  Red Sorghum, Ordinary World, White Deer Plain, Wives and Concubines and other novels are well known not only for their own works, but also through the adaptation of films and plays. Besides film adaptation, what are the other ways of presenting the interaction between literature and image? How to in The market gradually recovered, but also quietly changed. This summer holiday, people's travel habits, consumption preferences, focus and so on have changed. A survey conducted by CYTS shows that in contrast to the past. Price first, service first. Visitors now pay more attention than ever. Whether there is protection against epidemic and whether it can be effectively implemented. . Zheng Xianjun, who runs a travel agency in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, said the number of private and customized Tours has increased significantly this summer. & other; These small group tour products are very popular among tourists because of their privacy, high security and the ability to meet their individual needs. Throughout the &; At present, the small package team of less than 10 people is the main promotion product of Zheng Xianjun Travel Agency. With parent-child travel and family travel as the main, more to the red tourism destination. Throughout the &; According to Mr Zheng, it is no longer the price that is the main concern of visitors seeking advice. We will continue to focus on investment and projects as an important way to promote high-quality economic development, and provide advanced, proactive and high-quality services for project construction and enterprise development, so as to create a favorable external environment. Each related to deep a line head of the unit, the top command, the first time to follow up, control project construction of dynamic and difficult problem, strengthen overall coordination, timely solve the practical difficulties encountered in project construction, clear the way for the project construction, with efforts to build a good work style to ensure project quality, to ensure that construction projects completed early, early operation and early work.

             In the first half of this year, the District Industry and Information Technology Bureau realized the cash in advance of all 19 industrial enterprises that had declared to cash the funds for supporting enterprises, with the cash of 8.85 million yuan. The district Market Supervision Administration confirmed that 892 small and medium-sized enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households cash in advance the support funds for enterprises, and cash the funds of 10.705 million yuan. The district people's and Social Security bureau returned 17.95 million yuan of unemployment insurance funds to 3,237 eligible enterprises. It examined and identified 586 enterprises that held over social insurance premiums, paying 73.34 million yuan. District Bureau of Commerce, district Health bureau, district Culture, television and tourism bureau and all towns (streets), are cashing in the relevant subsidies. In the course of work, the DISTRICT Commission for Discipline Inspection supervises the livelihood guarantee work, including market supply and price stability, food and energy safety, subsistence security for the needy, and students' resumption of classes, and urges relevant functional departments to check and fill gaps, deal with them in a classified way, and implement them in a detailed way, so as to protect the immediate interests of the people to the greatest extent.

       "In the last three years, things have really changed here." Walking on the colorful fitness trail, as a green belt demolition area resettlement households, Wang Yuansheng unconsciously recalled the previous scene. Due to various reasons, the green belt project in Jiaozuo City section has been difficult to advance after the main canal of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project was transferred and put on hold for 8 years. Both sides of the main canal are mostly dilapidated houses, which are badly built in private, and the environment is dirty and chaotic. Seen from above, this urban village, at the intersection of old and new, looks like a scar on the city. Faced with the difficult problems that have been shelving for a long time and the public's strong concerns, the Municipal Committee of the 11th Jiaozuo Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) did not avoid or shirk them. Instead, the CPC committee of the 11th Jiaozuo Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) tackled the difficulties head-on and dared to shoulder the responsibility. It put forward the work requirement of "having the final say, deciding to do the work, and no matter how big the difficulties are, they will not change", and started the expropriation and relocation of the green belt of south-to-North Water Diversion Project in early 2017.   At a press conference held recently, Nie Mingjun, director of the department of pension insurance under the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, once again responded to social concerns. & other; The waiver of social security premiums will not affect ensuring that pensions are paid in full and on time. Throughout the &; Nie said the policy had been studied, carefully evaluated and accurately measured in advance, and was based on the premise that pension payments must be made on time and in full. Looking at the foundation, thanks to years of rapid economic development, the enterprise pension insurance fund has accumulated considerable. Background & throughout; . By the end of June, China's corporate pension insurance fund had accumulated a balance of 4.77 trillion yuan, and it is expected to maintain a balance of more than 3.8 trillion yuan by the end of the year. In addition, China has a strategic reserve fund for social security totaling more than 2 trillion yuan.

      See the cigarette butts on the ground quickly pick up, rail dust with a rag wipe wipe, the roadside weeds grow out one by one...... On the afternoon of August 6, a group of children wearing red caps and red vests were busy in jinxiang Garden community, Wangchu Street, Liberated area. They are "red scarf" volunteers of Fengzeyuan Primary School. At present, the city's "four cities joint innovation" work is in full swing. In order to help the "sun Create" work, the "Red Scarf" volunteers of Fengzeyuan Primary School once again carry out volunteer service and add luster to our city through their civilized behavior. On the same day, the school's "Red scarf" volunteers, their parents and 40 groups of families came to jinxiang Garden community with their big hands in their hands. Armed with dusters, buckets, brooms, and trash bags, they weeded, picked up trash, and cleaned the corridors around the neighborhood, as arranged by community workers. Although the sky is drizzling, but it does not affect the enthusiasm of the children to participate in the "four creative", they see the garbage to clean up, see pedestrians litter cigarette butts go up to dissuade. Through one hour's effort, the surrounding environmental sanitation has been significantly improved. Talking about a common chronic cough, Song explained patiently: "Generally, the cough will last for more than four weeks after infection and gradually heal over four to eight weeks. Cough-variant asthma mainly presents as dry cough lasting more than 4 weeks, and some children may have a family history of allergic diseases. The cough caused by upper airway cough syndrome is often accompanied by runny nose, nasal congestion, pharyngeal itching, snoring and other symptoms. The cough will be aggravated when changing position. Asthma combined with chronic cough infection, anti - infective drugs plus bronchodilators can be very effective treatment. Prolonged bacterial bronchitis is a disease causing chronic wet cough that has received much attention in recent years. It is caused by bacterial infection and is related to non-standard anti-infection treatment, airway ciliary clearance dysfunction, immune deficiency and other reasons It is reported that on the night of August 11 to 13, Zhangjiakou in Hebei Province, the south of Chengde city, the north of Tangshan, the north of Qinhuangdao, Langfang city, the north of Baoding City, Xiongan New District has heavy rain, local heavy rain, rainfall in some places can reach more than 200 mm; In other areas, there are moderate to heavy rains, local rainstorms, thunderstorms accompanied by short-term heavy precipitation, short-term gale and other strong convective weather.  Watertown climatic conditions are advantageous to the growth of kiwifruit. Since 2000, Shuicheng County introduced red heart kiwifruit, in the monkey farm town set up planting demonstration base, now Duge town, Rice luo township, Longchang township and other 15 towns are under the production range of Shuicheng Kiwifruit. Shuicheng Kiwi is a national geographic symbol of China, with beautiful mature aftereffects. The flesh is emerald green, and the cross-sectional fruit heart is red. Radiating blood red stripes are evenly distributed along the fruit heart, just like the radiant rising sun. In addition, watertown kiwifruit tender juicy, rich flavor, sweet taste, sweet and sour pleasant, with a unique quality and flavor.

      A poll to select the "happiest City in China 2020" has been launched in Beijing. Under the theme of "People's City, Happiness and Prosperity", the event will investigate the happiness of Chinese cities and promote the vivid practice of happy cities with the focus on fine urban governance, people's joint contribution and sharing, and efforts to complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects. Oriental Outlook Magazine, which is affiliated with Outlook Weekly, and Outlook Think tank jointly sponsored the "China's happiest Cities" survey, which has been held for 13 consecutive years, has selected more than 70 happy cities, and about 1 billion people have participated in the survey, making the concept of "urban happiness" deeply rooted in people's hearts.   Centering on the comprehensive resumption of work and production and epidemic prevention and control, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision went to enterprises and the front lines to carry out inspections on the conduct of cadres in the business environment, so as to ensure market entities. One enterprise, one policy. To solve the problem of policy implementation, to help enterprises, especially micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, to improve their ability to survive and develop. At the same time, we will carry out investigations and secret visits to the work style problems in administrative examination and approval, administrative law enforcement and government affairs services, as well as the safety supervision of special equipment and the implementation of preferential policies. To follow up supervision, precise supervision and whole-process supervision on the implementation of preferential policies of relevant industry departments and small, medium-sized and micro enterprises in the district. We visited Geely Automobile Industrial Park, Guizhou Tongyuan Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. and other private enterprises, conducted in-depth research on prominent problems existing in the business environment, timely pushed relevant departments to formulate and implement countermeasures, and promoted the optimization of the business environment with high-quality supervision. Chen Hong, secretary of the county Party Committee, spoke at the meeting. County Party committee deputy secretary, county magistrate Zhang Hongwei to the second half of the work arrangements for deployment. The county leaders Yang Shuliang, Deng Guoxia, Chang Pingan, Li Jianfang, Liu Guanda, Qin Xuchen, Zhang Guihong, Sun Xufeng, Lei Yiming, Meng Jihong and Li Junli attended the meeting. First, we must affirm our achievements and be more confident in winning. Since the beginning of this year, in the face of the sudden coVID-19 outbreak, Boai County has achieved the goal of "zero" diagnosis. In the first half of the year, six major economic indicators have changed from negative to positive. The ratio of deposits to loans, the amount of new deposits and the amount of new loans in the financial sector are among the best in the city, and the six counties (cities) of vehicle and vessel tax revenue rank in the top. Actively strive for superior policy funds and project planning work, into the province to strengthen weak points 982 project 58, the total investment of 18.19 billion yuan, ranked second in the city; We planned 222 major projects with a total investment of 87.43 billion yuan. We have successfully established provincial-level regional tourism demonstration zones and become the second batch of recommended units for the acceptance and recognition of national regional tourism demonstration zones in our province.  

         Appropriate tilt reflects the focus of care, mainly to elderly retirees and retirees living in remote areas and other groups to take care of. For example, Beijing will increase the number of retirees between the ages of 65 and 69 by 45 yuan per month per person. An additional 55 yuan per month per person aged 70 to 74; An additional $65 per month per person aged 75 to 79; Each person over the age of 80 will receive an additional 75 yuan per month. On the one hand, retirees' pensions have been raised year by year; On the other hand, in recent years, we have implemented the policy of reducing social security fees. This year, we further introduced policies to exempt, reduce and slow the old-age insurance premiums of enterprises, resulting in a decrease in the income of the old-age insurance fund. This increase and decrease, let the pension payment become the focus of social concern.    

      A poll to select the "happiest City in China 2020" has been launched in Beijing. Under the theme of "People's City, Happiness and Prosperity", the event will investigate the happiness of Chinese cities and promote the vivid practice of happy cities with the focus on fine urban governance, people's joint contribution and sharing, and efforts to complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects. Oriental Outlook Magazine, which is affiliated with Outlook Weekly, and Outlook Think tank jointly sponsored the "China's happiest Cities" survey, which has been held for 13 consecutive years, has selected more than 70 happy cities, and about 1 billion people have participated in the survey, making the concept of "urban happiness" deeply rooted in people's hearts. Accompanied by Zhang Leqing, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and President of the hospital, the observation group of the Municipal Health Commission listened to the work report of Zheng Haijun, project leader and director of the first District of cardiovascular Medicine of the Municipal People's Hospital, visited relevant facilities and equipment, and asked the staff about their concerns in detail. Finally, the observation group affirmed the construction of the regional medical center for cardiovascular diseases in The city and scored it. The relevant person in charge of the municipal people's hospital, said in the future, in the courtyard party committee under the strong support and promote, will continue to introduce talents and professional management team, against national standard stresses the construction, control its status to find the gap, control regional development seek breakthrough, practical, have the courage to bear, with first-class standard construction good cardiovascular disease regional medical center, we will further improve the medical service system in our city.    Source reduction is the fundamental way to improve the reduction and recycling of household garbage. On the one hand, units and individuals are encouraged to purchase and use comprehensive utilization products and reusable products in line with the idea of encouraging and mandatory. Green office is promoted in government organs and public institutions, and comprehensive utilization products and reusable products are purchased with priority. On the other hand limit the overuse of disposable supplies, office, institution does not use or reduce the use of disposable supplies, catering business operator shall not take the initiative to offer consumers disposable tableware, hotel and business operation entities shall not take the initiative to offer consumers rooms disposable supplies, promote life waste source reduction.

       According to the Regulations, recyclables, hazardous waste, kitchen waste and other waste are set as the basic classification standards. Recyclables include paper, plastic, metal, glass and fabric. Hazardous wastes include lamps, household chemicals, batteries, etc.; Kitchen waste includes household kitchen waste, restaurant kitchen waste and other kitchen waste. At the same time, regulations have been made on the classification and release of large waste, medical waste, construction and decoration waste, and waste from greening operations, which are mainly reflected by the masses. According to the regulations, units and individuals that produce household waste should put it into collection containers with corresponding labels at a specified time, place and manner, and it is forbidden to dump, scatter, pile up or burn it at will.  This means that in the age of media convergence, Content is king. Never out of date, a drama of the net. Catfish effect. Will urge the industry qualitative change. This year, many magnolia Awards judges said there was little difference between TV dramas and Internet dramas. This reflects the deep integration of media in the present, quality content is always. Hard currency & throughout; The change of channel is only the difference of communication mode. It's not so much the Internet drama winning the Magnolia Award as the quality of its content conquering the masses. "Ice-breaking actions for further exploration of thematic typed" changan from birth "outstanding narrative mode, image texture, rich tension with the celebration of years will be a unique pattern of space and time and comedy humor narrative style be in harmony are an organic whole, in recent years show that net play value guidance, text, tireless pursuit of innovation, depth, etc. With the deepening of media convergence, the boundary between TV dramas and network dramas will be further blurred, to the point of ldQUO; You have me in you, you have me in you. A new stage. In the future, TV dramas and network dramas will stand at the same starting point. Whoever has quality content, be it remote control, mouse or mobile phone screen, will have the initiative and the right to speak. And the technical advantages accumulated in character creation, narrative mode and video language of head network drama will also stimulate the development of the whole industry, and become the largest increment to promote the high-quality development of TV drama industry.  

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