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        Probation period of the civil servants (refer to civil servant law management institution staff) and the institution staff inside probation, active servicemen, reading of new graduates may not sign up (which, now studying in school and archives and the organizational relationships upgrading students, graduate students in the original enter oneself for an examination of the qualification, degree certificate). The main procedures of recruitment: Posting public recruitment notice, organizing registration and qualification examination, examination and qualification review, physical examination, investigation, publicity and employment. " . Enter oneself for an examination post requirement is specific major, can enter oneself for an examination only with this major; Enter oneself for an examination post professional requirement is professional kind, accord with the major of this professional kind to all can enter oneself for an examination (if: enter oneself for an examination requirement is economics major, only economics can enter oneself for an examination; Enter oneself for an examination major is economics kind, economics, international economy and trade, trade economy can enter oneself for an examination). Apply for the post requirements for undergraduate and above degrees, postgraduate qualifications for the application, postgraduate major and recruitment requirements major belong to the same professional category.   

      According to the total score of the interview from high score to low score, the candidates for each post to enter the physical examination link are determined and announced. The physical examination is organized by the office of the leading group of the work of selection and transfer in the designated grade A and above general hospitals. Medical reference to human resources and social security ministry, state health and family planning commission, the state bureau of civil servants on the revision of the civil servants employed medical general standard (try out) > and < civil servants employed medical operation manual (try out) > announcement concerning the content (people club department is sent by county human resources department in charge of social security and education for medical qualified personnel of morality, ability, work, performance, cheap, and so on and so forth to conduct a comprehensive inspection, the inspection objects to verify whether accord with qualification condition, registration information and related materials are true, accurate, and make a conclusion. 1. The written test is a closed-book test, and the content of the examination for teachers' positions in secondary and primary schools includes education, psychology, educational laws and regulations, new curriculum theory, and teacher moral cultivation. The content of the examination for the position of kindergarten teacher is the professional knowledge of preschool education and preschool education. The full mark of the written test is 100 points. 2. Written test time: 09:00-11:00, September 5, 2020 Applicants are required to take the written examination at the specified time and place by presenting the admission ticket for the written examination, the second-generation ID card and the health certificate related to epidemic prevention and control within the period of validity. The venue of the written test shall be the admission ticket. 3. Candidates who meet the conditions for additional points in the written test shall be subject to the national policy. Those who have passed the examination after the completion of the service and are not enrolled in the "three branches and one support" college student examinee, ex-college student soldier examinee, the written test result will be added 10 points. Applicants should provide personal information and materials truthfully. Those who practice fraud will be disqualified from applying if they have not been hired once verified. Those already employed shall be dismissed. Written test: the examination content includes the public knowledge, professional knowledge and comprehensive quality required by the post. The written test does not specify the test material, does not have the review outline, the review material, also does not entrust any organization to hold the remedial class. Any training activities and training materials claimed by the society for this examination have nothing to do with the organization and employer of this recruitment. Candidates will be selected based on examination results, background checks and medical examination results. The employee shall be employed as an enterprise, and the state-owned enterprise Nanjing Jiangning District Zuoyi Surveying and Mapping Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Jiangning Branch of Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources, shall sign a formal labor contract with the employee and pay social insurance. After three months of probation, the employee who is qualified for the present post after examination shall be formally employed; Those who fail in the probationary period shall be dismissed. The formally employed staff shall be managed, used and assessed by Jiangning Branch of Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources, and the working place shall be in Jiangning Branch. Since its inception, the bank has always adhered to the people-oriented, committed to the construction of a first-class modern commercial bank. In order to meet the needs of business development, we are now open to the public to recruit a number of financial reform and innovation, the courage to accept challenges, integrity and talent to join. More than 2 years retail wealth marketing experience; Have a good knowledge of retail business, with securities, investment, foreign exchange, funds, insurance and other professional certification is preferred; Qualification certified by the Financial Standards Board; Good ability in marketing, communication, coordination and organization; Innovative and good analytical, planning and word processing skills. (I) The applicant shall fill in the resume and relevant information accurately and completely to ensure the authenticity of the information; The Bank of China reserves the right to disqualify the applicant in case of any inconsistency with the facts. (ii) There are some differences in the recruitment positions and application conditions of various organizations. Some organizations (such as Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas organizations) have special requirements on the scope of applicants. Applicants should apply according to their own situations to avoid invalid applications. (iv) During the recruitment process, The Bank of China will contact the applicant through the contact information (including mobile phone, E-mail, etc.) filled in during the online registration. Please make sure that the information is filled in accurately and keep the communication smooth. (5) Bank of China has not established or entrusted any examination center, proposition center or similar institution, has never edited or published any campus recruitment examination reference materials, and has never provided any institution with materials and information related to campus recruitment examination. Bank of China will not charge any fees to candidates during the on-campus recruitment process. Please be alert and beware of being cheated.

      The quality of talent cultivation is directly related to whether the mentor has the consciousness of continuously tracking cutting-edge issues. Besides self-consciousness, the continuous struggle of the tutor is more important to have systems and mechanisms to urge and promote him/her to stand in the forefront of knowledge. In the process of selection and appointment, the ability and tendency of tutors to keep track of frontier problems were investigated. Continue to carry out mentor training, training for the development of the mentor team at all stages, and expand the channels for the mentor to master the forefront of the discipline; Dynamic adjustment of the tutor team, linked to the admission qualification, so that the tutor team has mobility, so as to ensure that the tutor team has continuous enthusiasm and creativity. (1) Engineering problems, geometry problems, economic profit problems, equations problems, assignment problems, numerical characteristics problems are usually relatively simple. (1) Familiar with formulas and quick calculation skills. Formulas must be familiar with before the exam, and can practice problem solving skills skillfully, improve the speed of calculation. & gt; & gt; (2) Decide whether actuarial calculation is needed according to the options. The options are closely spaced and need to be accurately calculated, whereas the options are far apart and only need to be estimated. (2) Learn to divide levels, how to divide? It is divided according to the topic. In reading, if the topic in the following text changes with the previous text, then it is divided into another level. You can also find key words to divide levels (such as: adjunctive word, summary word, causal word).  , log in the Luoyang Personnel Examination network, enter the online registration system according to the website prompts, fill in and save the registration application according to the requirements. After the registration application is saved, the registration system will automatically generate and feedback a registration serial number. The registration serial number is an important basis for applicants to confirm registration, download and print the admission ticket, etc., please keep it properly. Room) submit the following materials: applicants from absolute poor families in rural areas shall submit the certificate of extreme poverty issued by the county (city, district) poverty relief office where their families are located, and the file card (photocopy) of basic information of extreme poverty families and the hukou book; Enjoy the person that the town family enters oneself for an examination of national lowest life safeguard, the county that submits its family seat (city, area) civil administration branch issues the proof that enjoys safeguard of lowest life and low assure (photocopy) reach registered permanent residence this.

      If the application for reexamination is submitted within days, the reexamination shall be arranged at another hospital of the same level or higher than the level of physical examination qualification. If the employer, the candidate and his/her family still have doubts about the result of the reexamination, the hospital undertaking the reexamination shall organize relevant experts for consultation and make a final conclusion. Those who are unable to complete the physical examination due to pregnancy shall be executed in accordance with the relevant national policies. Those who fail to attend the physical examination on time shall be regarded as giving up the qualification. It mainly inspects the candidates' political thought, moral quality, law-abiding, self-discipline consciousness, ability and quality, working attitude, study and work performance as well as situations needing to be avoided. Those who do not participate in the investigation in accordance with the regulations shall be regarded as giving up their qualifications.    Recruitment shall be conducted in accordance with the following procedures: online email registration, qualification examination, original verification, interview, publicity of personnel to be hired, medical examination, political examination and official admission. Through the preliminary examination, written examination, interview, physical examination, political examination five links, to the applicant for the overall quality inspection, the best admission. The receiver will officially notify the receiver of the call.

      I am this year's graduates, the second half of last year began to graduate after the plan, in front of two ways: one, read a doctoral, two, employment. At this point, I was holding the attitude of hesitation, not only signed up for doctor enrollment, but also prepared resume materials, ready to have two hands. Autumn recruitment in the second half of the year, I am high-spirited, confident 211 graduate students, and has several internship experience I will never worry about looking for a job, and now there is a lot of time to graduate, I will be able to leisurely and easy to face. In the first round of college recruitment, I sent a few resumes at will, and also got the chance of the second interview, but I did not make any preparation, holding the confidence of "hand to hand, water to soil" to participate in the second interview, but My performance was not ideal, the result can be imagined. At that time, I was just consoling myself: "My natural talent will be useful, not here, it must be useful." The second round of school recruitment, I held the mentality of "participation in the" resume, that entered the second interview, I made some temporary preparation. However, these preparations are not solid, just like paper weapons, skills practiced at ordinary times in a few minutes, simply can not be made through these paper paste things, so the interview again collapsed. (I) Time and place: August 17, 2020. At 8 a.m., the candidates will gather at Jinzijing International Hotel (No. 6 Changhu Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning, Guangxi). The physical fitness evaluation will be conducted in groups according to the order of lottery. " And the relevant standards of the Implementation Rules for The Recruitment of People's Police By Public Security Organs physical Fitness assessment. Any item that fails to reach the standard in physical fitness assessment shall be deemed as unqualified in physical fitness assessment. Please bring your own sports clothes and sports shoes on the day of physical fitness assessment. The interview will begin at 9 am on 18 August 2020. Candidates are required to report to the meeting room on the 6th floor of Golden Bauxia International Hotel (no. 6 Changhu Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning city, Guangxi Province) before 8 am for the interview. Candidates who still do not enter the waiting room at 8:30 am of the interview day will be disqualified for the interview. (1) having the nationality of the People's Republic of China and in good health; No criminal record or record of participating in organizational activities prohibited by the State; In the absence of laws, regulations and rules, it is not suitable to employ staff of an institution; The assessment is carried out by means of professional skill test, which is a 100-point system. The new district Management Committee has set up an assessment team to assess the relevant quota, project cost, budget and final accounts and financial fund payment of Guangdong Province. The result was announced on the spot. After the completion of the assessment, the qualified personnel shall be ranked according to the overall score from high to low, and the physical examination candidates of the same amount shall be determined according to the number of people to be introduced into the post. Employers shall organize physical examinations in accordance with the Implementation Rules for the Physical Examination of Publicly recruited Personnel in Public Institutions of Guangdong Province (trial implementation). ) specified in the epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the unified plan of the government, health department of health during the transfer or medical institutions, directly involved in COVID - 19 epidemic prevention and cure a line of work, and direct contact with confirmed or suspected cases of accepts, screening, inspection, testing, transport, treatment, nursing, epidemiological investigation, medical observation, as well as direct cases of specimen collection, pathogen detection, pathologic examination, pathological anatomy of medical and health professional and technical personnel. : The registration shall be carried out in the way of on-site registration. Each person can only apply for one post. The valid identity card used in the registration and examination must be the same. (among them applicant "Jinzhong city second people's Hospital 

      If the state has other provisions, the provisions shall be implemented. The probationary period is included in the term of the employment contract. Those qualified after the probation period shall be formally employed; The unqualified will be cancelled. Registration method: online registration is adopted. The applicant shall send the application form for recruitment of staff in Hospital of Shenyang Institute of Technology (see the attachment) to the designated email box within the specified time. The school combines the specific requirements of the recruitment conditions to conduct a qualification examination of the applicants. The applicant shall provide the id card, academic degree certificate, professional and technical qualification certificate (original and copy), qualifications and other requirements in the recruitment information according to the registration information. The qualification examination runs through the whole process of recruitment. If the personal conditions do not meet the requirements of the declared post, the applicant's qualification can be cancelled at any time. After the written examination results are announced, the qualification of those who enter the interview will be reviewed.     

      Public notice within 3 working days. If, upon the expiration of the publicity period, there is no problem or reflected problem which does not affect the selection, the applicant shall be regarded as the candidate for the selection; Those who report serious problems and have solid evidence shall be disqualified for selection and transfer; If there are serious problems but it is difficult to verify them for the time being, the decision on whether to be selected or not shall be made after the conclusion of the verification. (2) The qualification examination for selected and transferred jobs shall run through the whole process and be subject to public supervision. Any link found that candidates do not meet the qualifications, or fraud and other violations of rules and regulations, once verified, the candidate will be canceled to participate in the selection or employment qualifications, all the losses caused by the candidates themselves.   It was approved as a public institution directly under the provincial government. In order to build a world-class scientific and technological innovation guarantee platform and combine micro and nano processing technology with clinical testing and application, Bio Island Laboratory has established an industrial platform for micro and flow control research and development. Guided by industrial needs and based on scientific and technological innovation, bio Island laboratory gathers various scientific and technological talents to support the construction of a public technology platform in the Greater Bay Area. Due to the construction needs, we are looking for relevant talents. According to the job responsibilities, the annual salary is In The Personnel Section of The Education, Sports and Science and Technology Bureau of Dechang County. On the day of assessment, the examinee shall arrive at the examination room on time according to the time and place stipulated in the notification and wait for the examination with his/her notification and valid second-generation ID card (excluding expired ID card and id card copy). Those who fail to wait for the examination within the specified time will be deemed to have given up their qualification automatically. According to the examination results of the applicants, the physical examination personnel will be determined from high score to low score. If the last score of the physical examination personnel of the same position is tied, the physical examination personnel will be given additional tests, and those with higher scores will be determined as physical examination personnel. The time and place of physical examination will be notified separately. The physical examination standards shall be implemented in accordance with the General Standards for Physical Examination for Civil Servant Recruitment (Trial) and other documents, and urine test for drug use (urinalysis) shall also be conducted. The cost of the medical examination shall be borne by the applicant.


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