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          The police followed the sound and found that a little boy's head was stuck in the door frame of the ticket hall door, and could not move. While dialing 119 to ask for help, the police carefully observed the scene and found that there was a certain gap in the door frame of the child's head card, which was likely to be rescued directly, so that the child's body was lifted up to a larger gap to keep the child breathing smoothly. At the same time, the steel pipe was found, and the station staff pryed the door frame to rescue the boy. After understanding, the child is called Xuanxuan, living in Weining, Guizhou. On the morning of the same day, Xuanxuan's parents took his 3-year-old and his 4-year-old sister to Guiyang railway station, intending to take z161 train to Liupanshui. Xuanxuan's father went to the ticket hall to collect the ticket. The mother and the child were waiting at the door. They were busy looking after their luggage. They didn't notice that the two children were chasing and fighting at the gate of the ticket hall. Mischievous Xuanxuan wants to pass through the gap between the glass door frame of the ticket hall. As a result, he gets stuck in the door frame and is in a dilemma, crying loudly.

      Since ancient times, Chinese people have "settled down and relocated". Moving a new house is a great change for a person, a family and even a village. The second half of the article should be well deployed so that the people can move and live. In April 21, 2020, Xi Jinping came to Jinping community investigation and research in Lao County town, Ping Li County, Ankang City, Shaanxi province. There are 1346 households in 11 villages of the town, including households in danger of high mountains, households in disaster areas and poor households, with a total of 4173 people. In the relocation of Wang Xianping's home, Xi Jinping sat in the same family with the young and old. He pointed out that only when they can move, live and live in peace and contentment can they live and work in peace and contentment. To live on, we must rely on stable employment, and working is the main way out.  At the meeting, relevant counties (districts), departments and enterprises made a presentation. Participants watched the propaganda film "spring and Autumn Road".   There are 1189 people in 360 households in xiaerketas village. In recent years, the "two committees" of the village seriously planned to develop the industry, and reasonably determined the alfalfa industry projects recognized by the masses and with good development effect in combination with the actual situation and Prospect of the village. 2437 mu of alfalfa land in the village was contracted to large growers at the price of 120 yuan per mu. Through land transfer, the rural land use efficiency was improved, the scale was formed, and the people's livelihood was promoted Construction. Dawuleti juandek, Secretary of the village branch and director of the village committee, said: "the collective income of our village is more than 400000 yuan a year. We have built 30 kilometers of pastoral roads in bat and Talat ditch. The original roads are not good and motorcycles can't get on. In 2017, the income invested in the village's collective economy began to build roads. Now the transportation is more convenient, and the people are very satisfied. "

        In July, the production and sales of commercial vehicles were 472000 and 447000, respectively, down 10.4% and 16.6% on a month on month basis, with a year-on-year increase of 70.3% and 59.4% respectively. From the perspective of vehicle models, passenger cars showed a double-digit decline in a single month, while freight cars grew rapidly, with a year-on-year growth rate of 71.1%. In July, the production and sales of new energy vehicles were 100000 and 98000 respectively, with a year-on-year increase of 15.6% and 19.3% respectively, the first increase since this year. Among them, the production and sales of pure electric vehicles were 79000 and 78000, respectively, with a year-on-year growth of 17.9% and 24.2%; the production and sales of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles were 21000 and 19000, respectively, with a year-on-year growth of 7.8% and 2.7%.      

      Guo Dajin said that at the critical moment of Zhaotong's decisive battle to shake off poverty, Pacific Property Insurance Co., Ltd. showed concern and love for Zhaotong's economic and social development, fully reflecting the spirit of state-owned enterprises. Since last year, decisive progress has been made in tackling poverty in Zhaotong, major breakthroughs have been made in comprehensive transportation, and significant progress has been made in the construction of modern industrial system with plateau characteristic agricultural industry as the main industry. In the next step, it is hoped that the two sides will strengthen docking, broaden fields, deepen cooperation, meet the successful end of the 13th five year plan, lay a solid foundation for a good start of the 14th five year plan, and help Zhaotong speed up the realization of "the rise of Northeast Yunnan". Gu Yue said that Pacific Property Insurance Co., Ltd. will continue to improve its political position, give better play to the spirit of responsibility of state-owned enterprises, better refine the cooperation plan, closely integrate with the local economic development plan, further deepen the cooperation field, do a good job in insurance services for Zhaotong poverty alleviation, industrial development, Rural Revitalization and other aspects, and jointly open a new chapter of win-win cooperation. Altay news network news (correspondent Zhang Yixiu) in view of various social contradictions and disputes within the jurisdiction of Qinghe County, the county and rural three-level linkage, the implementation of "control area, joint film, draw line, sun point" simultaneously, play a "combination fist", speed up the diversified solution pattern of contradictions and disputes, build the first line of defense for social stability, and promote the maximization of social governance service efficiency. Among the 383 full-time and part-time mediators in the county, 10 excellent and 1 gold medal mediators are selected and awarded every year. 13 mediation rooms are named after excellent mediators. According to the mediation effect, dynamic management is implemented, and those whose mediation effect is not up to standard will be delisted. The 39 rural legal advisers employed and 218 legal practitioners trained participated in the mediation of conflicts and disputes. In the form of service packages, the grassroots were connected. All contradictions and disputes were resolved through the township (town) level mediation room, so as to eliminate the contradictions and disputes in the budding state. Ensuring housing safety is an important part of "two no worries and Three Guarantees". The article "on building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way" points out that, compared with the requirements of "two no worries and Three Guarantees", four aspects of problems are more prominent, one of which is "some poor people still live in dangerous houses". Special purchases for the Spring Festival in January 26th afternoon, Xi Jinping risked more than 30 degrees below zero, came to Guo Yongcai's house, to explore cellars, touch the wall, see the new year's goods, sit on the Kang head, and understand the life of one family. Since 2014, Aershan city has invested 4 billion yuan in total, collecting more than 10000 houses in shantytowns and raising 2700 resettlement houses. "I used to live in a bungalow, burning fire, collecting firewood and pouring ash, and my nose was black. Now I live in a building with a gas stove and water heater, and I don't have to go to a public bathhouse any more." Said Feng Xiuhua, Guo Yongcai's wife.  With the improvement of economic development and social governance level, especially the government's attention to environmental health work, the city where we live and work is getting better and more beautiful. However, novel coronavirus pneumonia was widespread in the world in the beginning of this year. Our country resolutely adopted a series of measures including Patriotic Health Campaign to effectively control the spread of the epidemic, and many people's lifestyles also changed accordingly. Nowadays, wearing masks and washing hands often have become our daily life habits. The use of public chopsticks and good household hygiene have also been paid special attention to The epidemic situation makes more and more people realize that health is closely related to health care and lifestyle. This also leads us to pay more attention to health and more reverence to health. However, in addition to the construction of the public health and epidemic prevention system being vigorously promoted by the state, creating a clean and healthy working and living environment, cultivating good health habits and strengthening the concept of healthy life are also the strength that every citizen should contribute to "healthy China".

         According to Jiang Huili, the community Secretary of Jinping community, the old county and town Jinping community has developed industries due to local system. Relying on the original mountain resources, it has cultivated 22 professional cooperatives and new business entities, driving 770 households to increase their income. Relying on 12 enterprises in the town's Industrial Park, more than 150 jobs were created, 9400 square meters of factory buildings were built, 4 new community factories were developed, and more than 200 jobs were provided. Good policies need to be tamped down. We need to be down-to-earth in poverty alleviation and actively do practical things. In the process of making up the short board of housing safety, there are still some problems in some areas, such as the random grasp of the standards, the improper implementation of the declaration procedures, the untrue reflection of the dangerous transformation files, and the nonstandard use of the funds for the renovation.    

       In 2013, the pilot program of comprehensive poverty alleviation reform in Longfeng Town, Enshi City, Hubei Province, was slowly launched. The local government has issued three master plans and 28 special plans for urban and rural construction, economic and social development and comprehensive land use. Guide more than 5000 households to move from remote areas with poor natural conditions to market towns, central communities or residential areas. At the same time, targeted poverty alleviation and Rural Revitalization are carried out simultaneously. Longfeng town has explored the whole area of tourism, receiving more than 40000 tourists every year, increasing the income by more than one million yuan. "Relocation and renovation of dilapidated houses are not simply for the purpose of" removing "and" building up ". The real purpose is to help the poor. We should increase the income of the people and solve the fundamental problems of being able to move, live stably and become rich." Lei Ming pointed out, "therefore, resolving the employment problem through the development of industries is an important achievement in the process of relocation."  This year, facing novel coronavirus pneumonia, the importance of food security is more prominent. Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed that the more we face risks and challenges, the more we need to stabilize agriculture, the more we need to ensure the safety of grain and important non-staple food.  

        [learning progress] recently, general secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions to curb the waste of food and drink. What did Xi Jinping's important directive emphasize? What's the significance? Xinhua News Agency "learning in progress" original brand column "workshop" launched the article, for your interpretation. Recently, general secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions to curb the waste of food and drink. For the phenomenon of food waste, he used eight words for evaluation: "shocking, heartbreaking!" He also quoted the ancient poem "who knows that all the dishes are hard to eat" to express his heartache. At the beginning of 2013, Xi Jinping saw a Xinhua News Agency saying that netizens called for a curb on the "waste on the tip of the tongue" in the food and beverage links. Then they made instructions to request "wasting the wind" and insisted on resolutely eliminating the waste of public funds. In January 22, 2013, Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the two plenary session of the eighteen Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, emphasizing that we should vigorously carry forward the fine tradition of thrift and thrift of the Chinese nation, vigorously publicize the idea of saving honor and wasting shameful ideas, and strive to make frugality and oppose waste a common practice in the whole society. Since then, Xi Jinping has made important instructions repeatedly, vigorously promoting "frugal and opposing waste". In February this year, faced with the impact of the epidemic situation, guanshanhu District issued several measures to support small and medium-sized enterprises and individual businesses to tide over difficulties, effectively promoting the resumption of work and production; on March 5, guanshanhu district held the first batch of support fund cashing ceremony, and representatives of enterprises and individual businesses in the jurisdiction received support funds and worked together to tide over the difficulties together. &In recent years, with the development of guanshanhu District, infrastructure has been gradually improved, commerce and trade are gradually supporting, and the industry has developed orderly. This year, according to the actual situation, Guanshan Lake area has decided to seek space effect. &Huang Huaming, deputy director of the guanshanhu District Commerce and Investment Promotion Bureau, said that the implementation of several measures to promote the economic development of buildings in guanshanhu district is one of the specific measures to seek effect from space. Of course, the local government has some practical difficulties, such as the gap between the two pilot areas and the sense of urgency that the higher authorities urge to complete the conversion of farmland to forests by August 31. But the more so, the more we need to pay attention to ways and means in carrying out our work. Local experienced cadres said that it is not too late to plant trees in September after the wheat and rape are mature. It may be a better choice to use more brains, communicate actively, report the situation to the superior truthfully, and apply to plant trees after wheat and rape harvest. For people in Inner Mongolia, returning farmland to forest is a good policy. If we can deepen the mobilization work, refine the supporting measures, and implement the compensation arrangement, the growers should understand and cooperate. General secretary Xi Jinping stressed that the masses involved should accurately grasp the social mentality and emotions of the masses, give full consideration to the personal feelings of the law enforcement objects, standardize the enforcement of law enforcement, enforce the humanized law enforcement, flexible law enforcement and sunshine law enforcement, do not engage in rough law enforcement, &ldquo, and entrust &rdquo. The local government has once again enlightened local governments that they should pay attention to overall planning and coordination in their work, exchange early planning for real implementation, and intimate policies for people's peace of mind. In the process of administration, we should use more brain power, less brute force, more flexibility and more humanization. Only in this way can we truly do a good job of making the government at ease and the people happy. (Zheng Silin)

      CCTV news (focus interview): Henan Lankao is the birthplace of Jiao Yulu's spirit. In March 17, 2014, general secretary Xi Jinping chose the site of the mass line educational practice in Lankao and visited Zhang Zhuang village. At that time, Zhangzhuang village, which has been keeping the spirit of Jiao Yulu for 50 years, is still a poor village. So, what has become of Zhangzhuang village now? How can the spirit of Jiao Yulu be implemented in the work of Party members and cadres? The villagers of Mengli Zhangzhuang art troupe are making great efforts to rehearse the play "niannujiao ⷠthinking about Jiao Yulu" and prepare to go on a tour in 2020. "ReNu Jiao" and "recalling Jiao Yulu" were Xi Jinping's words in the text of "people calling Jiao Yulu" when Xi Jinping served as secretary of the municipal Party committee.  Zhang Zhuang's Art Troupe was founded in the 1960s, when it was called the propaganda team for sand control in Zhangzhuang village. At that time, Zhangzhuang village was covered with sand dunes, the land was barren, and the sandstorm was rampant. It was in Zhangzhuang village that Jiao Yulu created the sand control experience of turning silt and sand and planting paulownia trees on a large scale. Finally, he dedicated his precious life to the people of Lankao. Jiao Yulu is an example of the Secretary of the county Party committee and the example of all Party members and cadres. When the general secretary came to Yan Chunguang's home, Yan Chunguang had just experienced a setback and a blow. Six years ago, Yan Chunguang gave up working outside and went back to the village because his grandmother was old and his children were young and needed to be taken care of. He borrowed tens of thousands of yuan from relatives and friends to learn how to raise chickens. As a result, he suffered from bird flu and suffered heavy losses.    

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