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       D) According to article 3 of the Regulations on National Economic Census, economic census work shall be organized and carried out in accordance with the principles of unified national leadership, division of labor and coordination among departments, local levels of responsibility and joint participation of all parties. Physical examination qualified personnel by examination employing unit organization politics careful, requirements of physical examination qualified personnel of ideological and political quality, compliance situation, moral character accomplishment, psychological adjustment ability, people post fitting for comprehensive politics careful, enter oneself for an examination and the provided information is true, accurate and relevant materials such as to check again, make the conclusion of politics careful qualified or not. (3) applicants should pass WeChat mini-program before assessment (written test, registration) according to covid-19 prevention and control requirements. National Government Service platform. Continue to apply for the recent epidemic prevention health code, arrive at the test site in advance on the day of assessment (written test, registration), wear a medical mask and present the epidemic prevention health code information    

          As a first-class public hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention and rehabilitation, It is the designated medical institution of the city for medical treatment, industrial injury, maternity insurance and new rural cooperative medical care. The hospital should check whether it has passed the qualification examination. The qualified personnel shall collect the admission ticket at the specified time. The time and place of collection shall see the notice of qualification examination. Applicants should properly keep the admission ticket. Written test and interview should be used. The physical examination shall be carried out according to the revised General Standards for Physical Examination for Recruitment of Civil Servants (Trial) issued by the Ministry of Personnel and the Ministry of Health and the operating rules. Pay for your own medical examination. Those who pass the physical examination shall enter the inspection procedure.    

      Mechanics, mechanical engineering, electronic science and technology, control science and engineering, computer science and technology, software engineering, civil engineering, power engineering and engineering thermal physics, chemical engineering and technology, environmental science and engineering, statistics, mathematics, physics, optical engineering, materials science and engineering, urban and rural planning science, biomedical engineering, transportation engineering, applied economics, management science and engineering, sociology, pedagogy, foreign language and literature, marxism theory, design, etc. It is a multi-disciplinary city-owned key university with a focus on engineering, science, engineering, economics, management, liberal arts, law and art. Taking the opportunity to build a world-renowned, distinctive and high-level research-oriented university, the university has taken the initiative to adapt itself to the new requirements of the national and Beijing's economic and social development, and to adjust its layout and optimize its structure in front of disciplines. The number and level of the school's subjects rank among the top of local colleges and universities in China.  (I) Time and place: August 17, 2020. At 8 a.m., the candidates will gather at Jinzijing International Hotel (No. 6 Changhu Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning, Guangxi). The physical fitness evaluation will be conducted in groups according to the order of lottery. " And the relevant standards of the Implementation Rules for The Recruitment of People's Police By Public Security Organs physical Fitness assessment. Any item that fails to reach the standard in physical fitness assessment shall be deemed as unqualified in physical fitness assessment. Please bring your own sports clothes and sports shoes on the day of physical fitness assessment. The interview will begin at 9 am on 18 August 2020. Candidates are required to report to the meeting room on the 6th floor of Golden Bauxia International Hotel (no. 6 Changhu Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning city, Guangxi Province) before 8 am for the interview. Candidates who still do not enter the waiting room at 8:30 am of the interview day will be disqualified for the interview. . The medical examiner determines. According to the interview results, the number of people to be hired according to the subject of the post from high to low scores to determine the physical examination personnel. If the last rank of a post is equal, the public recruitment leading group will organize an additional test, and those with higher scores will be confirmed as the physical examination objects. The list of physical examination personnel and the time of physical examination passed through the People's Government network of Pingchang County. The public has no objection to hire personnel, according to the tentative management measures for the business unit personnel employment in sichuan province, by the related department to hire formalities, the post employment management, and fill in the pingchang county institution open recruitment staff registration form "(in quadruplicate), one in the personal files, as a new supplementary business unit staff personnel file vouchers. The personnel employed to occupy the establishment of financial undertakings shall be brought into the county financial supply. Had been meted out criminal punishment and had been expelled from office staff, alleged violations of is undergoing relevant agencies review has yet to make a conclusion of the staff, in all kinds of civil servants at all levels and institutions enrollment (hiring) was identified in the fraud and other serious violations of discipline, active servicemen and laws and regulations in other circumstances shall not be hired personnel shall not register; Persons listed in the joint disciplinary punishment for breach of trust or expelled from the COMMUNIST Party of China shall not be allowed to register; Read full-time average university is not this year's graduate must not sign up, also cannot use the record of formal schooling degree that has obtained to regard a condition as signing up. Qualification preliminary examination: The organization Department of the County Party Committee and the county Human Resources and Social Security Bureau shall assign special personnel to take charge of the qualification preliminary examination, check the online registration situation in time, conduct qualification examination seriously, and determine the preliminary examination result in time. Those who are qualified and meet the requirements for registration shall not refuse to register; To the person who has not passed the first examination, the reasons shall be given; If the submitted materials are incomplete, the applicant shall indicate the lack of contents and return them to the applicant for supplement. After the first review, the registration information cannot be changed.


      The quality of talent cultivation is directly related to whether the mentor has the consciousness of continuously tracking cutting-edge issues. Besides self-consciousness, the continuous struggle of the tutor is more important to have systems and mechanisms to urge and promote him/her to stand in the forefront of knowledge. In the process of selection and appointment, the ability and tendency of tutors to keep track of frontier problems were investigated. Continue to carry out mentor training, training for the development of the mentor team at all stages, and expand the channels for the mentor to master the forefront of the discipline; Dynamic adjustment of the tutor team, linked to the admission qualification, so that the tutor team has mobility, so as to ensure that the tutor team has continuous enthusiasm and creativity. The employment Recommendation Form for fresh graduates of full-time full-time institutions of higher learning may be used as proof of the professional research direction if it indicates the professional research direction. Study abroad personnel shall entrust the yantai foreign affairs translation center, respectively, introduced the courses, graduate thesis, professional or to prove that the research direction of information on foreign language translation and affix a seal, as the Chinese citizens among the Hong Kong and Macao residents to apply for, also need to provide the Hong Kong and Macao residents with the mainland pass. If Taiwan residents apply for the job, they should also provide "Taiwan Residents travel Permit to and from the Mainland". For political and engineering purposes, correspondence shall be based on the local postmark. Failure to submit relevant materials or certificates within the specified time shall be deemed as a waiver. After the examination does not have the entry conditions to cancel its examination qualification, qualification examination through the personnel on the spot to get the interview admission ticket, and join the designated WeChat group, the interview, the signing of the relevant notice will be released in the WeChat group. According to the actual number of interviews. In case of juxtaposition can also participate in the interview. If the written test has missed the test, cheated or the score is zero, the interview is not allowed.  

      Personal commitment letter of family planning (to be submitted upon inspection). 3. For the qualification review, applicants shall bring the following materials with them: The application form (Appendix 2) shall be downloaded and filled in and printed in 2 copies; 2 recent 2-inch color bareheaded front photos of the same version as the uploaded photos (posted on the application form); One original and one copy of the second generation id card (or the second generation temporary ID card within the validity period); One original and one photocopy of education certificate, education certification report (or electronic registration record form of education certificate of the Ministry of Education), registration certificate; One original and one copy of the teacher qualification certificate of corresponding level and discipline; The staff of the current working unit shall provide the registration certificate of the current working unit and the competent department (signature and seal of the handling person); According to the "Notice on The Implementation of Phased Measures of Occupational Qualification for Coping with the impact of COVID-19 Epidemic", college graduates shall be required to "take the post first and then take the certificate". The original and photocopy of certificates of Grade 2, Grade B and above of Putonghua shall be provided.   

       Job requirements: Understand the domestic and foreign economic and financial situation, familiar with regulatory policies, have a deep understanding of the development direction and strategic choice of commercial Banks that are integrated and collectivised; Excellent ability of data statistical analysis, data sorting, strong writing ability, independent analysis and judgment ability, research ability, etc.; Experience in management of financial holding group or large commercial bank is preferred. Job responsibilities: Tracked and studied relevant policies and decisions of the central government, regulatory authorities and other financial reforms, as well as the institutional reform of domestic and foreign commercial Banks, investigated and studied the institutional construction and reform of the bank, and put forward relevant opinions and Suggestions; Participate in drafting and organizing the promotion of various institutional and institutional reform plans of the bank, and regularly track and evaluate the implementation status and effectiveness of the reform. : This open recruitment examination does not specify the examination guidance book, does not hold nor entrusts any organization or individual to hold the interview guidance training class. At present, all kinds of institutions held in the community recruitment and training classes and issued publications, and so on, have nothing to do with this examination. Please be vigilant, do not be deceived. (1) having the nationality of the People's Republic of China and in good health; No criminal record or record of participating in organizational activities prohibited by the State; In the absence of laws, regulations and rules, it is not suitable to employ staff of an institution; The assessment is carried out by means of professional skill test, which is a 100-point system. The new district Management Committee has set up an assessment team to assess the relevant quota, project cost, budget and final accounts and financial fund payment of Guangdong Province. The result was announced on the spot. After the completion of the assessment, the qualified personnel shall be ranked according to the overall score from high to low, and the physical examination candidates of the same amount shall be determined according to the number of people to be introduced into the post. Employers shall organize physical examinations in accordance with the Implementation Rules for the Physical Examination of Publicly recruited Personnel in Public Institutions of Guangdong Province (trial implementation). Please refer to the interview notice for details of the time, place and method of the interview or the email, text message and phone call of the personnel Department organized by the college. The full score of the interview is 100 points. The proposed personnel who have been publicly announced without objection shall be notified by the College to register. Prospective candidates should report to the Personnel Department and relevant departments of the College within the prescribed time limit. Those who fail to register after the deadline without the permission of the college will be deemed to have given up automatically. The contract signed by the staff formally recruited in this recruitment is not included in the establishment of the college. The contract signed for the first time is one year. After the contract expires, the new staff can renew the contract only after passing the examination. The college conducts a two-month probationary visit to its recruits. The content of the investigation is the subject's ideological and political performance, moral quality, professional ability, work performance and so on. The college shall terminate the labor contract in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Labor Contract Law if it is proved that the employment conditions are not met during the probation period.

      Within 3 working days, the contents of the personnel to be advertised include: position to be recruited, number of positions to be recruited, major to be recruited, name, gender, date of birth, school of graduation, major to be studied, education background (degree), examination results, ranking and other information. If there is no objection upon the expiration of the publicity period, Jinzhong No. 2 People's Hospital shall be responsible for submitting the proposed employment report to Jinzhong Municipal Health Commission, which shall summarize the report and submit it to Jinzhong Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau for approval. If problems that affect employment are reported and verified, the employee shall not be hired; If it is difficult to verify the problem, we will decide whether to employ the employee after checking. Candidates should register in good faith. Those who give up after entering the physical examination, inspection and subsequent links, and fail to report for duty within the prescribed time with relevant materials without any justifiable reasons after receiving the employment notice, shall be disqualified accordingly and shall be recorded in the good faith archives. In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the labor (employment) contract signed between the intended employee and the original employer shall be terminated by the employee himself or herself and the original employer according to relevant provisions; otherwise, the employee shall not be employed.  This year's fresh graduates shall provide the school status certificate issued by the school (school status certificate should include educational background, degree, length of schooling, major, graduation time), such personnel shall obtain the corresponding educational background and degree certificate in the qualification review link, otherwise their interview qualification shall be cancelled. According to the qualifications of the post, the applicants for the qualification examination. Registration and qualification examination are conducted simultaneously. Candidates submit entry information should be true, accurate (among them, the application form should fill in the professional and candidates themselves to obtain the university diploma on the professional consistent). " . Enter oneself for an examination post requirement is specific major, can enter oneself for an examination only with this major; Enter oneself for an examination post professional requirement is professional kind, accord with the major of this professional kind to all can enter oneself for an examination (if: enter oneself for an examination requirement is economics major, only economics can enter oneself for an examination; Enter oneself for an examination major is economics kind, economics, international economy and trade, trade economy can enter oneself for an examination). Apply for the post requirements for undergraduate and above degrees, postgraduate qualifications for the application, postgraduate major and recruitment requirements major belong to the same professional category.  Optional. Applicants for the city straight high school, according to the job recruitment plan, according to the written test and interview results, in the registered positions, from high to low points in turn to choose posts. Post selection time: conference room. If the post is not selected within the specified time, the candidate will be deemed to have given up the qualification automatically. If there is a vacancy due to the abandonment of post selection, the qualified candidates shall be graded according to the total score from high score to low score (the grading method is the same as the method for determining the physical examination personnel). Inspection. Qualified personnel shall be inspected by the recruiting schools. The investigation is carried out by referring to the examination standards for civil servants in Jiangsu Province, which mainly focuses on political thought, legal consciousness, moral quality, psychological quality and practical performance.


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