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      When the media melt, shun flies upwards. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of The establishment of Shunnet, on August 11, the pen event of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Shunnet was held in the New Era Civilization Practice Center of Jinan Newspaper Building. More than ten provinces and cities famous painters and calligraphers, express feelings, shunnet sent birthday wishes. The following show works: now the national level artists, Chinese peasants' and workers' Democratic Party, vice President of the forward art academies, a&m, vice President of the academies in shandong province, shandong province artist society academic committee member, China technology artists association, member of China art research institute, shandong province, the academician, vice President of the academies, shandong taishan, vice President of the academy, shandong holy bond MeiShuYuan deputy dean, executive director of the council for the promotion of Chinese culture.  In terms of power, Lynk & Co02 adopts 1.5t three-cylinder turbocharged engine and 2.0t turbocharged engine, with transmission matching 6MT, 6AT and 7DCT gearboxes. The maximum power is 156 horsepower, 180 horsepower and 190 horsepower respectively, and the peak torque is 245 bovine ⷮ M, 265 NIU & MIDDOT; M and 300 N & MIDdot; M; Lynk & Co03 adopts 1.5t three-cylinder turbocharged engine and 2.0t turbocharged engine, and the transmission is matched with 7-speed wet dual-clutch transmission and 6AT aoxin automatic transmission. The maximum power is 180 horsepower and 190 horsepower respectively, and the peak torque is 265 newtons ⷮ M and 300 N & MIDdot; M. The Lynk & Co03 + champion custom edition is still powered by a 2.0t turbocharged engine, matching an 8AT gearbox, with a maximum power of 254 HP and a peak torque of 350 nm ⷮ M. The GDP reached 87.17 billion yuan, an increase of 1.6%, higher than that of the whole country, the whole province and the whole city, and the total GDP continued to lead the whole city. From January to July, the general public budget revenue was 9.55 billion yuan, accounting for 16% of the city's total, ranking first in the city and leading in the province. From January to July, fixed asset investment reached 27.64 billion yuan, up 18.68%; The growth rate of key indicators, such as services and total retail sales of consumer goods, picked up significantly from the first quarter.  

         It can be seen that sf's business income and business volume are still growing at a high speed this year, especially the growth rate of business volume has reached 70% or 80%, which is far higher than the average growth rate of the industry. In terms of business growth, SF Express said in its monthly bulletin that it had maintained high growth mainly due to aging products, special special products and other new businesses. There is no denying that sf has taken a big step forward in its e-commerce business. It not only captured some Tmall merchants on taobao, but also cooperated with suning and took over the express business of Vipshop last year. It is worth noting that although e-commerce has increased sf's business volume, it does not necessarily make more money. In the first quarter of this year, sf Express's net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 907 million yuan, down 28.16 percent from a year earlier, data showed. In the first half of this year, SF Express's single bill revenue also fell significantly.  

      Recently, chef Wang is preparing lunch for the elderly in the happiness Hospital of Xiaohuangya Village, Hongfanchi Town, Pingyin County. Today, we ate big steamed buns and made several kinds of stuffing for the old people to choose by themselves. Throughout the &; At 11:30 in the morning, the old people came to the restaurant one after another, and the staff served dishes and rice to the old people. Grandpa Li, a 78-year-old villager, said: When they come, they can not only eat hot and delicious food, but also watch TV on the air conditioner and sit together. Throughout the &; He said, the old man is old, teeth are not very good, here the rice stew is very bad, we eat together more delicious. & other; Our evaluation system should give full affirmation to honest behavior. If a child doesn't finish his homework today, he should be recognized if he tells his reasons honestly. Throughout the &; Zhu Xu said, But in reality, this is hard for parents and teachers alike. Instead, those who muddle through are likely to be praised by their parents and teachers. & other; In the long run, the child will wander in the state of sometimes telling the truth and sometimes lying, which is very worrying. Throughout the &; His approach is to switch gears and look at assignments from a student's perspective. & other; Be a teacher from. Teaching & rsquo; To design assignments, students often do it for the sake of completion. However, with the idea of reverse design, from the perspective of students, we can first think about what goals can be achieved through this assignment and what support is needed, which can solve the previous problems to a large extent. Throughout the &; Who's buying weird ice cream? Ten yuan a "high cold" ice cream sell well? Ji 'nan people eat ice cream, not just a picture of "quench one's thirst"    

      The municipal meteorological Station issued the latest forecast at 6 o 'clock this morning: during the day, Beijing cloudy to overcast with moderate to heavy rain, accompanied by thunder and lightning, the north wind about two to three east wind four, the highest temperature of 29℃; During the night, there will be heavy rain to heavy rain (accompanied by thunder and lightning) to cloudy, with a wind level 3 to 4 from east to north and a minimum temperature of 23℃. & other; Advanced lung cancer with bone metastases. Throughout the &; Zheng Jun said that the two terms in the diagnosis were both familiar and strange, and he only nodded his head mechanically when the doctor explained. In fact, his scalp was numb and he couldn't hear a word, because the final conclusion was almost hopeless. & ndash; Missed the best time to do surgery, only medication. Boil & throughout; A. Yesterday morning, Zhou Li, who was reduced to a skeleton, was lying in a hospital bed, milky liquid medicine being pumped into her body. The temperature in the ward was not low. Zheng Jun's forehead was covered with beads of sweat, while Zhou Li was still covered with a thick quilt. Her voice was already so faint that she had to breathe in hard before she could speak more.    1. Pay attention to food hygiene. Summer melon and fruit is a lot of, when eating melon and fruit raw, can use brine, bicarbonate of soda or wash rice water, must wash the dirty thing that remains above the fruit. But be careful that the concentration of detergent is not too high. Be sure to rinse with clean water after washing with detergent. 2. Sweat a lot in summer, be sure to replenish moisture in time. Drink a glass of water before going to bed in the evening and after getting up in the morning. It can not only reduce blood viscosity, but also prevent thrombosis. Everyone sweats differently and needs different amounts of water each day. The standard is 1,500 milliliters of urine per day. As long as there is 1,500 milliliters of urine per day, the body is fully hydrated.

      In July, for example, is a small month of credit, the month of new credit cooperatives quarter-on-quarter "cut in half" also have seasonal factors. However, the smaller than expected amount of new credit in July may reflect a slower pace of credit expansion in the second half of the year after the gradual withdrawal of the central bank's previous quantitative easing policy. Internal assessment and other factors, credit growth has a more obvious seasonal characteristics. June and July are the "big" and "small" months of loan issuance, respectively, so they are often reflected in a drop in July's growth. Over the past four years, for example, credit growth in July has fallen by an average of 43% from June. The drop in July was similar to previous years and was actually a normal seasonal phenomenon.    This morning, many places in Jinan, the rain is strong in some areas, it is expected that jinan will still have thunder showers during the day, accompanied by strong wind weather. In the next few days, jinan rain into frequent clocking mode. As of 8:16, the average precipitation in Jinan is 0.9 mm, 0.3 mm in the urban area, 7.4 mm in pingyin, 0.8 mm in Changqing, and 0.1 mm in Licheng and Jiyang. Among them, pingyin local precipitation has reached the level of moderate rain, the largest 13 mm (Pingyin Ligou). According to the city meteorological observatory latest forecast, the recent three days of rain in Jinan. Today cloudy to night thundershower, precipitation probability of 70%; There will be moderate rain during the day and overcast at night, and thundershowers in some areas, with a precipitation probability of 80%; 14 cloudy day, night thunderstorm, precipitation probability of 70%. In addition, thunderstorm is accompanied by 7 ~ 8 level gust, need to pay attention to guard. According to the information provided by the Jinan Red Cross, by the end of July, the Jinan Red Cross had registered 3,795 dead body donations, 509 of which had been registered. A total of 1826 corneal donation cases have been registered, 341 of which have been achieved. & other; This number, compared to 12 years ago has taken a qualitative leap, I see the great love is expanding. Throughout the &; Zhang jingyu said.

       A leaf of the total relationship, the most is ldquo; Small & throughout; The beginner's mind. For the villagers, every trivial thing around them is a real big thing, and some are even urgent and difficult. Xiahuang Ya village puts the interests of the masses in the first place and insists on it. Grasp of poverty alleviation & throughout; Is & other; Grasp the livelihood of the people throughout the &; This principle, through the repair of roads, maintenance of Wells, installation of transformers and other livelihood projects, to bring tangible changes to the lives of villagers. Meanwhile, the village & LDquo; Ordering & throughout; Develop a support plan, treat with syndrome differentiation, and prescribe the right medicine. In order to make a list of improving the living environment for poor households, they can put forward corresponding demands on repairing houses, buying cupboards, electric fans and other household articles, and only need to pay less expenses. The rest will be contributed by the village to help promote targeted poverty alleviation. Some analysts believe that compared with other Chinese real estate companies, Country Garden has a deeper understanding of China's urbanization strategy and a stronger confidence. Therefore, when other real estate companies are in doubt, the company can continuously dig into the vast third, fourth and fifth tier cities to tap the potential housing demand of local residents, and become the real estate company with the most extensive layout in China's real estate industry, and finally obtain the highest ranking in the global real estate industry. Yang Guoqiang, chairman of the Board of Directors of Country Garden, believes that the growth logic of Country Garden is embodied in the company's path choice. His strategy is to follow the trend of The Times. Adhere to the deep three, four and five lines, so that the ability to go to every county and city in China deep farming, to give excellent people stage and opportunity. Throughout the &; In his view, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, counties and cities with full employment opportunities, high-quality schools and commercial resources, and good medical and transportation facilities still have considerable rural population flowing into the space, so there are also huge market opportunities. In these two years, he sent Chen Feng to his door again and again, and Chen Feng said over and over again. You don't have to come to see me all the time because you are busy with work. . 

      At the national level artists, provincial a&m Li Jiafu, vice President of the academies, senior painters ShaJunJie city artists association member, the shandong art academies, city federation of full-time painter city artists association, vice chairman of Han Yingwei, province shuxie governing, police federation vice-chairman XiaoJun, province, provincial artists association, vice President of federation vice-chairman Yang Feng, lixia district public security bureau deputy director shi shu, east shandong technology academy professor Lu Hongxiang, couplet, dai jun, President of the association of provincial shuxie governing, city, HuaiYin District committeeman of chairman zhang yong, province vice-chairman Pan Xiao, a professor in the school of painting and secretary-general, design, provincial youth artists association director Sun Xiaofan took part in the activities of pen. In addition, it aims to promote Jinan. Two Ann & throughout; The first China Cultural Tourism Expo, through the promotion of historical and cultural celebrity IP brand, highlights the cultural Image of Jinan city. A series of publicity around the exhibition of key cultural and tourism enterprises and products in Jinan highlighted the new achievements in the integrated development of jinan's culture and tourism industry. Industry Project Service platform of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Exchange and matchmaking meeting of High-quality Projects and Investment and Financing meeting of Shandong Province's Culture and Tourism, Promotion Meeting of Shandong (Jinan) Cultural and tourism Products, Dahe Forum. & ndash; 2020 Shandong Travel Industry Summit Forum and ldQUO; Meet at the first China Cultural and Tourism Expo. The development of a series of activities, more highlight the role of the first China Cultural tourism Expo platform, enhance the brand influence and radiation power.   The first phase of Line 4 is 40.2 kilometers long, with 30 stations, all of which are underground. The vehicle adopts 6 group A vehicles with A design maximum speed of 80 km/h. The estimated investment is about 33.2 billion yuan. According to gem registration system two & LDQUO; Predictable & throughout; Guidelines, that is, audit progress can be expected, audit results can be expected, the enterprise listing audit process shortened to 7 months. According to statistics, the current gem registration system enterprises from the acceptance to the registration of the average only 27 days or so. This is on the one hand because the current audit enterprises are mainly the previous stock enterprises translation, only on the original basis to continue to promote the audit process, so the time is relatively short; On the other hand, it also reflects the efficiency of issuance review. Since the first review meeting held by the Party Committee on gem on July 13, 13 review meetings have been held in a short month, reviewing 48 IPO companies' listing applications and 17 companies' refinancing applications.

            An team think, as a result of the gem on the registration system arrangement and kechuang board, so you can reference kechuang board was the impact on the market: 1) kechuang plate stocks listed on the first day of the jump in the median was 109%, the first 5 median rose by an average of 106%, so the top 5, the gem is not affected by price limit increase, is expected to be more substantial; 2) Taking The KEColutionary Board as A reference, before the board was opened, the average daily turnover of the year before all A was 444.1 billion, but after the board was opened, the average daily turnover rose to nearly 600 billion. This indicates that the secondary market impact brought by the registration system is limited, but may activate the trading liquidity; 3) market comparison of chinext stock companies price will ease to 20%, in the same reference kechuang board, kechuang plate from the listed company to now shares daily average amplitude of the median is 5.90%, straight A's after eliminating kechuang board is 3.50%, slightly enlarged, but do not have to worry about the impact on share price volatility, and after-hours trading and unusual intraday or suspended can stabilize stock price volatility.


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